Vic Elford

by Tim Whittington |

Vic Elford was the multi-talented great all-round racing and rally driver whose name is forever etched into history as the winner of the first rallycross event.
A former Ford driver in rallies, Elford was loaned a Porsche 911 for the 1966 Corsican rally. That led to a works entry for the 1967 Monte Carlo rally which he very nearly won.
The publicity from that put Elford’s name in the frame for a start at in the first rallycross event, but he did own a car. Borrowing the 911 demonstrator from British Porsche concessionnaire AFN, Elford went on to win the televised event in the car he drove to and from the circuit. AFN bosses had been alarmed to see their car knocked around during the event and after a terse phone call demanded to see Elford for an explanation. “By the time I got there on Monday, about mid-morning, the atmosphere had completely changed. They had spent the entire morning with the ‘phones ringing off the hook with people wanting to know when they could come and buy a 911. So all was forgiven,” said Elford.
Success in rallies led to race outings for Porsche and while Elford also raced in F1 it is as one of the greatest ever sportscar racers that he will be best remembered. Vic Elford died in 2022.

Vic Elford, Rallycross World Hall of Fame
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