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Seven days in rallycross 10 February

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5 February The ex-Matti Alamaki Peugeot 205 T16E2 is sold for just under one-million Euros in a sale at Paris auction house Artcurial in which Group B cars that have been exhibited at the Loheac Museum are sold. The sale includes seven Group B cars owned by Michel Hommell and Olivier Quesnel and which have been among the cars at the Manoir de l’Automobile in Loheac. Of the seven cars three had rallycross history; the Peugeot which achieved €977,400, a Lancia Delta S4 used in rallycross by Bruno Saby which was sold for €810,560 and an RS200 previously owned by Jan-Arthur Iversen’s Glomma Papp team which was sold for €381,440.

Rallycross World | Loheac, Hommel, Quesnel, Artcurial Group B Auction 05.02.21 results_info in 210113 folder

5 February Rallycross France announces that its Lessay event which was to have opened the 2021 championship but was postponed on 26 January has been rescheduled for 10-11 July.

Rallycross World | Rallycross France, Lessay

7 February Rallycross Russia will begin its 2021 season at Grozny in March, but the same organisation is busy with some of its ‘cross’ classes at ice races in the Russian winter. Events at Voronezh and Istra, the latter with spectators, have been completed.

9 February RallyX Nordic confirms a Finnish event in its 2021 event schedule. The event at OuluZone in the north of Finland will form the third of four weekends of racing. The first three weekends each form double-header events with round seven (the final) at Arvika on 13-15 August. As with the second weekend of racing at Holjes on 13-16 May, RallyX Nordic shares its two Swedish weekends with the Swedish Rallycross Championship. The opening weekend in Denmark (1-2 May) and the Finnish event are RallyX Nordic only.

Rallycross World | RallyX Nordic, OuluZone, Finland
Rallycross World | RallyX Nordic

10 February Veteran of the British rallycross scene, Tony Lynch confirms that he will focus his attention in 2021 on the Retro Rallycross Championship where he races a Toyota MR2. The MR2 remains an unusual choice in British rallycross but is popular and successful in the ‘autokrossi’ category of the Finnish Rallycross Championship. Use of the original MR2 in Britain was pioneered in the late 1980s by another long time British rallycross racer, Tony Bell.

Tony Lynch, Toyota MR2_BRX_LHC_30/08/2020
Tony Lynch, Toyota MR2, Retro Rallycross
Rallycross World | Jere Tikka, Toyota MR2_rallicross_sm_2019_jurva_tonigraphs-00119
Jere Tikka, Toyota MR2, Rallicross SM
Rallycross-World-Jori-Seppala, Toyota MR2_rallyxfestivalkouvola2019-00415
Jori Seppala, Toyota MR2, Rallicross SM
Rallycross World |Ville Mikkonen, Toyota MR2_rcsm2019_jalasjarvi_tonigraphs-01497
Ville Mikkonen, Toyota MR2, Rallicross SM
Rallycross World | Tony-Bell_Toyota-MR2_Swindon-GBR
Tony Bell, Toyota MR2, British RX 1990

2021 season    This week we have updated our guide to rallycross events for the 2021 season – at the link below – to include Rallycross Russia, Swedish Championship, the changes to the Rallycross France and the full RallyX Nordic series. We will keep this as up to date as possible and add further dates and events as details become available. We hope that everyone has the chance to get out there and see some rallycross this year.

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