Loheac Group B sale & 1988 Group B gallery

Group B, just because we can

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The upcoming auction of Group B cars that have been on display in the museum at Loheac sent us in search of 1988 pics and, well, one thing led to another and we ended up looking at hundreds of 1988 images.

Guy Frequelin, Peugeot 205 T16 E2, Loheac.

For no better reason than that, and because we all love some Group B pics, here’s a selection of Group B action from the 1988 FIA European Rallycross Championship.

Sven Lestander’s Audi fends off a Brit pack at Mondello Park.

To recap, seven Group B cars from the collection of Michel Hommell and Olivier Quesnel will be auctioned in Paris on 5 February.

Among those cars are the Peugeot 205 T16 E2 that was used by Matti Alamaki to win the FIA European Rallycross Championship in 1988, 1989 and 1990. The guide price is €600-800,000.

Matt Alamaki’s triple title winning Peugeot is for sale.

The Lancia Delta S4 offered for sale is the car raced in the 1988 French Rallycross Championship by Bruno Saby. The guide price is €600-800,000.

Bruno Saby’s Lancia Delta S4 is in the Group B auction.

Both of these are presented for sale, as they have been seen in Manoir de l’Automobile at Loheac, in their original rally trim. The collection also includes a Ford RS200 which has an undefined rallycross history and which the collection acquired from Jan Arthur Iversen. The guide price is €250-400,000.

Rallycross World | Group B, Manoir de l'automobile, Loheac (FRA)
Loheac’s amazing Manoir de l’Automobile has been home to the Hommell/Quesnel cars.

There’s not much good quality video from the 1988 season around, but the coverage of the European Championship from that time is available to Motorsport.com members or to buy from Duke Video.

Bengt Wiklund and Mikael Nordstrom, Ford RS200, Spain.
Dagfinn Larsen’s BiTurbo 6R4 in Finland.
Gerard Roussel’s unique Renault R5 Maxi Turbo 4×4 at loheac.
Guy Frequelin became the French Champion in 1988.
Porsche, of course. Jarmo Lahteenmaki’s 4×4 BiTurbo 911 at Hameenlinna.
A French Metro 6R4, Joel Champs at Loheac.
Mark Rennison’s RS200 and Sven Lestander’s Quattro at Horn-Fuglau, Austria.
Schanche versus Alamaki at Maasmechelen.
Alamaki leads Terje Schie’s similar Peugeot in Finland.
Mauno Jokinen in his ex-Alamaki Porsche 911 4×4 Biturbo.
Thor Holm’s ‘Pikes peak’ styled Ford RS200.
Terje Schie leads Alamaki at Valkenswaard in Holland.

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