Donnelly is British champ. Too much RX in France. Loheac Group B sale.

Seven days in rallycross 13 January

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29 December    Mark Donnelly is announced as the winner of the British Rallycross Championship after plans to run a final event in the 2020 series early in 2021 are abandoned. The new Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship 5 Nations Trophy winner, Donnelly won the first of three events that were completed in 2020. “I’m delighted – over the moon! I think there was a bit of beginner’s luck involved and I got lucky winning the first round. It would have been nice to have got to a few more circuits but full credit to 5 Nations and the marshals for making it happen. I’m delighted to have won the first championship I’ve done,” said Donnelly. The class championships were won by: Paige Bellerby (Supernational), Tom Ovenden (Junior), Roberts Vitols (Super1600), David Bell (BMW Mini), Steve Cozens (Retro), Vince Bristow (Super Retro), Ian Flitney (Retro Group B and 4WD), Stephen Jones (RX150).

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29 December    The French Rallycross Championship issues a statement laying out plans for the future. Long the most successful and well supported national championship, Rallycross France finds itself with the ‘problem’ of having too many competitors and, in the course of the next couple of years, too many circuits. Consultation with competitors has proven that a championship of 10 or 11 events is too long for the majority of drivers who would prefer a calendar of seven events. By 2022 or 2023 the championship is likely to have access to two or even three new tracks, taking the full roster of venues in France to 11 or 12. With these two facts in mind, and with the knowledge that the championship needs to retain the venues and organisers that have run events for years, series organiser AFOR and the French ASN now propose to create two championships from 2022 onwards. The statement talks of a ‘first division’ of seven events and a ‘second division’ of ‘at least five events’. There is no detail on how the classes will be split between those events at this stage.

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9 January    The second weekend of racing in the Andros Trophy takes place at Isola 2000 where JB Dubourg takes victory in the first event and ends the weekend with the lead in the Elite Pro series. It’s a good weekend of Trophee Andros racing for DA Racing and its Renault Zoe as Gerard Fontanel takes victory in the Elite section on the second day. Fontanel leads the Elite series while DA Racing-Renault Motul also tops the Teams Championship.

02 Rallycross World | Trophee Andros, DA Racing, JB Dubourg, Nicolas Prost, Gerard Fontanel, Renault Zoe

5 February If you have money to spend you might be interested in Artcurial’s upcoming auction in Paris at which seven Group B cars from the collection of Michel Hommell and Olivier Quesnel will be offered for sale. The cars have been displayed at the Manoir de l’Automobile at Loheac. All the cars are presented in their original rally livery, but three have rallycross history. The Peugeot 205 T16E2 is the car used by Matti Alamaki to win the European Rallycross Championship in 1988, 1989 and 1990. The Lancia Delta S4 is the car raced in the French Rallycross Championship by Bruno Saby and the RS200 was owned by Jan Arthur Iversen’s Glomma Papp team, although it is not clear if it was raced in rallycross.

Rallycross World | Matti Alamaki, Peugeot 205 T16 E2, Loheac, 1988
Rallycross World | Bruno Saby, Lancia Delta S4, Loheac_1988

2021 season    More national championships have announced dates for their 2021 seasons over the Christmas and New Year period. We have compiled a calendar of known championship dates and will update this as further events are announced. If you are a championship organiser and want to give us your dates or update the info we have please mail us.

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