Walfridson fastest as rain arrives

by Tim Whittington |

The forecast rain arrived at the very end of the second qualifying heat, the first of the Supercar races being run with a few drops in the air and most of the races continuing unaffected, times getting faster until the last race. Fastest yesterday, Timur Timerzyanov was in that race and even though the rain was very light, it was visibly enough to make the track slippery and his Citroën DS3 was looser than Stig-Olov Walfridson’s Renault Clio had been in the previous race. Walfridson’s 3m11.75s dash stood as fastest time in the heat; Alexander Hvaal, Morten Bermingrud and Daniel Holten who had been in the same race, taking the next three places with Timerzyanov fifth (three-seconds slower). Michael De Keersmaecker had gone earlier in the session and won his race to place sixth.

The result means the battle for the Supercar pole will go to the third heat, and it’s the same story in Super1600 and TouringCar. Ulrik Linnemann topped the order among the 1600s, driving a superbly clean race the Dane was 0.4s faster than Andreas Bakkerud with Krzysztof Skorupski beginning his recovery with third place from the back of the field. After yesterday’s slow start in the first heat, Robin Larsson proved a point by beating Lars Øivind Enerberg in a straight race and setting fastest time in TouringCar.

One driver is already assured of pole position, Kevin Hansen again leading the way in the JRX Cup.

It is still raining now and looks as though the third heat will be declared a wet race, potentially changing the dynamic of the event.





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