Here be giants

by Tim Whittington |

Behind Peter Hedström’s return to the European championship this year is one of the great names of the ERC, four-time former champion Olle Arnesson. Höljes is home turf to both Hedström and Arnesson, this the stage on which Arnesson fought legendary battles – including one that ended with arch rival Martin Schanche needing a police escort from the track. Now it is the homecoming for a team in its infancy, but also a landmark event in which Hedstöm is paired with Swedish rally star PG Andersson.

Having financed the establishment of the team that has given Hedström his break into the ERC’s Supercar class,   Arnesson has waited until his home round to put in an appearance, and in true old skool fashion, has immediately got his hands dirty, assisting the engineers in patching up Hedström’s Fabia II after a bruising first heat.

“I stayed away from racing, but I am enjoying being here and seeing the cars running,” said Arnesson who has had some health problems since suffering an accident with a logging machine several years ago, “My legs are much better this year than they have been for a long time and now that I own these cars I think I will race one more time, just to drive them.” said the Swede who maintains his physical presence some 20 years after he left the championship.

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