Walfridson on pole at home

by Tim Whittington |

Stung into action after being black flagged in the second heat and being dropped to the bottom of the order, Peter Hedström used the clear track presented to him to set fastest time in the third heat. Mats Öhman also had a great run and placed second from an early race, the later races appearing to be slower as standing water accumulated on the track. Stig-Olov Walfridson won the last race of the heat but could do no more than eighth-fastest. This did not really matter to the home favourite and 2010 Höljes winner who will start the A final from pole with Timur Timerzyanov and Alexander Hvaal completing the front row. Morten Bermingrud, Michael De Keersmaecker and rally star PG Andersson complete the direct qualifiers.

The Super1600 order got a liberal shaking up in the rain, Eric Faren emerging as fastest in the third heat and booking himself a place on the second row of the A final grid alongside Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme. The front row contains Ulrik Linnemann on pole, Andreas Bakkerud and Krzysztof Skorupski who got the rain he wished for and continued his fight back.

In the rain tyres were the big element in speed and success and with Robin Larsson and Lars Øyvind Enerberg again ranged against each other there was clear demonstration of rain tyre superiority. With Michelin’s on the rear of his Fiesta Enerberg was sure footed and appeared to have lots of grip while Larsson’s Avon shod Skoda Fabia slid and slithered. When all was said and done, Larsson took pole on the strength of his first and second heats, Anton Marklund and Enerberg completing the front row. Ole Håbjørg set fastest time in the rain while Derek Tohill just missed the main event, winding up seventh and on pole for the B final after being third fastest in the rain.

With pole secure, Kevin Hansen did not bother with the third JRX heat, leaving fastest time in the wet race to Ada Marie Hvaal. Firmin Cadeddu was the only other driver to finish among the three cars that took the start. and only three, Hansen, Hvaal and Teemu Suninen have completed two heats.






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