Irish championship at Mondello

by Tim Whittington |

The Motorsport Ireland Rallycross Championship is only two events old but already a pattern is beginning to form. In round two – run at Mondello Park on Monday October 31, a holiday in Ireland – as in round one, George Tracey took the event win, chased through the Superfinal by Ian O’Connell’s Lotus Exige.

O’Connell again topped the Supernational order, taking A final glory ahead of Willie Coyne and Pearse Brwone who made great use of a fresh engine in the BMW Compact he shares with George Tohill. Such was O’Connell’s pace that he landed on pole for the Superfinal, ahead of Supercar winner Tracey who beat Andrew Morris and Paul Pascoe in a slim Supercar class. Tracey then grabbed the Superfinal lead at the start and kept O’Connell at bay throughout to win the event, Pascoe and Morris taking third and fourth from Coyne and Browne.

While Noel O’Brien continued his winning ways in the Stock hatch class, the 16v section of the standard category got a new winner as Eddie Peterson improved on his second place in round one to take the top spot. There was also a new winner in the Junior A final where Sophie Byrne (15) took her first win, more than a second clear of the boys. There was a second Rally Car win for Noel Green, the Mitsubishi Lancer driver comfortably clear of his two-wheel drive opposition.


  1. Superfinal
  2. 1 George Tracey (Citroën Xsara) 4m 14.77s,
  3. 2 Ian O’Connell (Lotus Exige) 4m 16.80s,
  4. 3 Paul Pascoe (Subaru Impreza) 4m 35.17s,
  5. 4 Andrew Morris (Toyota Celica) 4m 37.90s,
  6. 5 Willie Coyne (Opel Corsa) 4m 38.38s,
  7. 6 Pearse Browne (BMW Compact) 4m 39.74s.
  8. Supercar
  9. 1 George Tracey (Citroën Xsara) 3m 40.57s,
  10. 2 Andrew Morris (Toyota Celica) 3m 51.13s,
  11. 3 Paul Pascoe (Subaru Impreza) 3m 52.85s.
  12. Supernational
  13. 1 Ian O’Connell (Lotus Exige) 3m 39.25s,
  14. 2 Willie Coyne (Opel Corsa) 3m 46.09s,
  15. 3 Pearse Browne (BMW Compact) 3m 57.39s.
  16. 4 Padraig Leeson (Vauxhall Corsa) 3m 58.49s,
  17. 5 Kieran Curran (Opel Corsa) 4m 00.54s,
  18. 6 Don Shannon (Volvo S40) 4m 02.69s.
  19. Stock Hatch 16v
  20. 1 Eddie Peterson (Peugeot 106) 3m 56.94s,
  21. 2 Graeme Colfer (Peugeot 106) 3m 58.52s,
  22. 3 Philip Lawless (Peugeot 206) 4m 12.17s,
  23. 4 Andrew Twomey (Citroën Saxo) 4m 24.41s,
  24. 5 Michael Leonard (Peugeot 106) 4m 27.61s,
  25. 6 Aaron Dalton (Peugeot 106) 4m 31.32s.
  26. Stock Hatch 8v
  27. 1 Noel O’Brien (Peugeot 205) 4m 07.91s,
  28. 2 Keith Kerrshaawe (Peugeot 205) 4m 08.76s,
  29. 3 Fergal Bowes (Peugeot 205) 4m 13.05s,
  30. 4 Damian Farrell (Peugeot 205) 4m 14.47s,
  31. 5 Paul Nolan (Peugeot 205) 4m 16.77s,
  32. 6 Mark Halligan (Peugeot 205) 4m 19.73s.
  33. Junior
  34. 1 Sophie Byrne (Nissan Micra) 4m 20.02s,
  35. 2 Darryl Smyth (Nissan Micra) 4m 21.29s,
  36. 3 James Huddleston (Nissan Micra) 4m 21.68s,
  37. 4 Eamon Horan (Nissan Micra) 4m 24.75s,
  38. 5 Andrew Clarke (Nissan Micra) 4m 25.49s,
  39. 6 Brian Mullins (Nissan Micra) 4m 28.45s.
  40. Rally Car
  41. 1 Noel Greene (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9) 3m 51.28s,
  42. 2 Anthony Masterson (Honda Integra) 3m 53.35s,
  43. 3 Fergus Lynch (Honda Civic) 3m 55.92s,
  44. 4 Francis Kelly (Opel Corsa) 3m 56.33s,
  45. 5 Thomas O’Rafferty (Opel Corsa) 3m 58.28s,
  46. 6 Jack Deegan (Peugeot 205) 4m 05.01s.


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