Rallycross World November 2011

by Tim Whittington |

The November issue of Rallycross World magazine is centred on the 2012 European rallycross Championship calendar and rule changes. Alongside this and the must-read Diary review of all that’s happened in the last month, we look at a new Supercar, explain that Sverre Isachsen wants a new car, how much Andreas Bakkerud must pay to drive a new car and, to get back in touch with reality, bring the latest instalment in Hal Ridge’s story of  life in the cheap seats.

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#94, November 2011

Rallycross World: #94, November 2011

The calendar for the 2012 FIA European Rallycross Championship, how it was formed and the associated regulation changes forms the main story this month. We also take a look at René Münnich’s plans for an Audi A3 Supwercar and Sverre Isachsen’s desire to replace his Ford Focus. All this and the unmis…

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