All shapes and sizes

Rallycross cars come in all shapes and sizes

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No theme this week, just a smash and grab raid on the archive and a random group of pics. Not the kind of thing you’d expect to see next to each other, but it’s all rallycross and we love it in all its very many shapes and sizes so what the heck!

Rallycross World | _Lydden Hill_(GBR) 29.09.84
Lydden (GBR) 1984, John Greasley leads the field.
Rallycross World | _ND40510_2013
Nyirad (HUN) 2013, Timur Timerzyanov leads.
Rallycross World | _Pembrey_(GBR) 16.06.85
Pembrey (GBR) 1985, John Welch leads in his first year with the Xtrac Escort.
Rallycross World | 04_Schanche_1987
Melk (AUT) 1987, Martin Schanche leads Mikael Nordstrom.
Rallycross World | 14_HR_L3629_2014
Croft (GBR) 2014, a varied British Supercar field led by Mark Flaherty and Julian Godfrey.
Rallycross World | 1995_Mondello
Mondello Park (IRL) 1995, Kenneth Hansen leads Will Gollop and Jean-Luc Pailler.
Rallycross World | 2011_TW_L3931
Greinbach (AUT) 2011, Liam Doran, being Liam Doran.
Rallycross World | 2014_9_Timerzyanov_SC_025
Estering (DEU) 2014, Timur Timerzyanov goes head-to-head with Per Eklund.
Rallycross World | Adam Woosnam_Imp_Lydden Hill_(GBR) 24.02.84
Lydden (GBR) 1984, Adam Woosnam leads Colin Slaughter.
Rallycross World | Alamaki_Luneville_1988
Luneville (FRA) 1989, Matti Alamaki leads the Group B train.
Rallycross World | Bakkerud_L8078_AUT 2012
Greinbach (AUT) 2012, Andreas Bakkerud’s last year in Super1600.
Rallycross World | Doran_Holland_1992
Valkenswaard (NLD) 1992, Pat Doran and Tommy Kristoffersson.
Rallycross World | Galli_Italy_2014
Franciacorta (ITA) 2014, Gigi Galli jumps in.
Rallycross World | Pailler_Loheac_1993
Loheac (FRA) 1993, Jean-Luc Pailler ahead of Kenneth Hansen.
Rallycross World | Schanche_Escort_1993
Fuglau (AUT) 1993, Martin Schanche and Tommy Kristoffersson.
Rallycross World | Skogstad Norway 88
Lyngas (NOR), Bjorn Skogstad leads Anders Norstedt.
FIA European Rallycross Championship, Höljes, Sweden, 02-04.07.10
Holjes (SWE) 2010, Tanner Foust, Frode Holte and Andreas Eriksson.
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