Rod Chapman

by Tim Whittington |

Flamboyant and exuberant, Chapman’s style and flair at the wheel was perfectly suited to rallycross. A starter in the first event, he emerged as the first small-screen superstar of the new sport as he raced his way around Britain and Europe.
Like many of the first group of drivers in rallycross, Chapman had been racing regularly in autocross before rallycross appeared. A starter in the very first event, Chapman took to the new sport like a duck to water.
Ever present through the first few years, he is synonymous with Ford Escorts but also raced a four-wheel drive Capri and a Porsche in his career – as well a brief fling with British Leyland and a Triumph 2500.
Chapman was also among the first drivers that helped take rallycross into Europe, and duelled with John Taylor throughout the 1973 season in inaugural European championship.
After rallycross Chapman had a whole new career, again finding success in the early days of a new discipline and becoming a pioneer of truck racing.

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