Mick Bird

by Tim Whittington |

A multi event-winning member of the mid-70s ‘Mini-mafia’, Bird can claim victory in the first ever rallycross event in France among the successes of his first career. Returning after a 19-year break, he was successful again in 1990s.
Younger than some of his contemporaries when he emerged as one of many Mini drivers to enjoy success in ‘lightweight’ cars that were pared back to the very basics, Bird was at the top of the game until the Mini began to show its age and rallycross slipped from the mainstream.
After a break of 19-years, Bird returned to racing in the one-make Vauxhall Nova Challenge that ran within the British Championship, winning the title in 1993.
Moving up to the Supernational category with a Corsa, Bird continued for a couple of more years before handing the baton to son James who enjoyed success in cars built and engineered by Mick.

1John Taylor (Maryon Schanche) Finland 1989

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