Timmy Hansen & #21

by Hal Ridge |


Timmy Hansen has taken ownership of the #21 race number which is, to him, cool by coincidence.

In 1993, the man who would go on to become the most successful driver in rallycross history, Kenneth Hansen, graduated to the highest level in the sport, racing a Citroen ZX in the FIA European Rallycross Championship with the number 21 on its door.


Exactly twenty years later, Kenneth’s oldest son Timmy moved from a career in single-seater racing to rallycross full time, also racing a Citroen – this time a DS3. Timmy Hansen’s car was also adorned by the number 21.


Now a star of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, Team Peugeot-Hansen driver Timmy Hansen says the use of the same number was merely a coincidence. “It doesn’t actually mean anything that we both used 21, but it’s a cool coincidence. I always had number 21 when I was racing go karts and I’m born on the 21st, so I dunno – it just feels like me,” he says,


“I’m using 21 again this year. Last year I used number three because I had been third in 2013, but I was fourth last year which isn’t so much fun – so I’ve gone back to 21. It’s mine.”






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