Børseth takes Drive for Life to Hedström

by Tim Whittington |

Knut Ove Børseth will return to the FIA European Rallycross Championship this year, the 2009 TouringCar champion making the full time move to Supercars after a couple of seasons in which he managed limited, but nonetheless, impressive outings.

Børseth’s absence has been largely dictated by the time and effort needed to get his Drive for Life charitable concern up and running. His return to racing will also see the Drive for Life brand become a regular fixture in Rallycross. The Norwegian will drive a Skoda Fabia II with Swedish team Hedströms Motorsport, the squad that was assembled around Peter Hedström for the 2012 season now expanding to run two cars in the 2013 championship, and with a third car in reserve.

“It’s good to be back and I am ready for the new season. I have great faith in [championship promoter] IMG’s new plans for rallycross, and believe that the sport will get a big boost, and I will be there from the start,” says Børseth who believes that a two-car team will be effective and exciting. “I still have a lot to work with Drive for Life. So racing with Hedströms Motorsport is a solution that gives me an opening to also invest time in rallycross. The aim is also to involve some of our Drive for Life youths in events in Scandinavia.”

Hedström will continue to drive and will handle a new Fabia, currently being assembled in his Torsby workshops around a bodyshell built by Michael Jernberg Motorsport. “This is exciting, and we will be fighting for podiums with both our cars. We are taking a step forward by running a two-car team with two good drivers. I look forward to working with Knut Ove in the team and think we can learn a lot from each other. The new RX series is very exciting and I think that both drivers will benefit because we are a two-car team,” said Hedström whose team has already rebuilt its 2012 car which will be driven by Børseth.

While the team is retaining its ex-Lars Larsson Fabia as a ‘spare’, the car that was driven last year PG Andersson and Thomas Rådström, may well see active service and Henning Solberg has been linked to a guest outing.

In addition to the full European championship season, Hedström plans to defend his 2012 Swedish championship.
European championship legend Olle Arnesson and driver/constructor Jernberg are key people and have contributed their experience to building the team. “I have a lot to thank Olle and Michael and especially my dad Anders for. Without them I would never come as far as I have,” says, Hedström who is clear about the objectives for both drivers in what he predicts will be a tough year with every point hard-earned. “I want to keep the Swedish title and have both cars on the podium in the European championship!”





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