German Rallycross set to expand

by Eddi Laumanns |

From 2012 on Germany will have another Rallycross circuit available. About 60kms north of Berlin the ‘Driving Center Groß Dölln’ is currently converting a former East German Air Force base to host also Rallycross events in the future. On November 26 and 27 several DRX competitors visited the new venue to take part in a test event under the tag ‘End of Season Rallycross’ and the response from all involved parties was thoroughly positive.

Although the loose track parts as well as the planned Joker Lap section are not ready yet the whole project seems promising and has convinced the by the organisers ‘Private Renngemeinschaft Spandau e.V. im ADAC’ (PRS) invited guests. One highlight of the test weekend was the disclosure of the 2012 Super1600 Škoda Fabia II for Rallycross lady Mandie August, the brand new racer has during the past months been prepared to a true state-of-the-art project by René Münnich’s team Münnich Motorsport at Friedersdorf in Saxony.


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