“Stecka” out, Hedström in

by Eddi Laumanns |

Today’s news from Torsby in Sweden reveals that Stig-Olov Walfridsson is set to quit after four and a half seasons as a regular from the European Rallycross Championship while his neighbour Peter Hedström is close to an “at least two year’s deal” to compete in the ERC. Both have not released much about their 2012 plans, but that the info is coming the same day from the same place could be by coincidence – or not…

Walfridsson is planning to let “someone else” driving his car. “There is an opportunity for this, yes, as well as some other ideas, but nothing to release today. However, I do not expect to race a full European season myself, but look forward to do the Swedish championship series,” claims the Renault campaigner. As the ERC events of Norway, Sweden and Finland are expected to become part of a 2012 Swedish Supercar championship, together with an additional final round at the Kinnekulle Ring, it is very likely that “Stecka” is doing at least the three Nordic events of the 10 FIA races. “I also expect to be on the starting grid in England, but then we look how the ERC is evolving and decide of how to continue. Nothing is carved in stone yet,” is Walfridsson’s current device. Seen that the youngest of the three Walfridsson brothers is keeping his options rather untightened reminds the author on the fact that Lukas Walfridsson, the son of Stig-Olov’s older brother Lars-Erik, has test driven the car of his uncle in October… See also: http://rallyxworld.wpengine.com/2011/10/24/the-next-walfridsson-to-come/

Peter Hedström on his side is about to launch a massive programme. “I cannot cry out yet, but all looks terribly bright so far,” claims the 27-year-old. He is not keen to talk too much about his project, but reveals that he is focussed on a two year’s – or even longer – ERC programme. “In the past I was often promised just peanuts, but all in a sudden the future looks much better for me. The car we are looking at will be a competitive one and we plan to run it as an in-house project. There is actually no alternative for that, to rent a car and just going as a weekend driver to all the different races will not work in the long run for me,” states Hedström after his recent outings with rented cars.


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