One in ten

by Tim Whittington |

It’s a dry and bright start to the second day of the Polish round in the European Rallycross Championship. It’s also quiet – at least for the time being.

The peace is in large part due to the fact that the hundreds of Nowegian fans present to cheer on their favourites have not yet arrived at the track. Yesterday afternoon they were anything but silent as they gave vocal support to their heroes. Among the fans is a group of just over a 100 “Baby Blue” supporters hoping to witness Andreas Bakkerud become the European champion in the Super1600 class. Among the other Norwegians, Nomaco racing also has a large and vociferous group of fans in the paddock and, during yesterday’s first heat, the Scandinavians constituted around one in ten of the spectators present at Słomczyn.

Those fans have until 1000 to get here to see the second heat, the third following at 1230 with the finals at 1500.


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