Clean sweep

by Tim Whittington |

Two years ago Norway was able to celebrate three European Rallycross champions, and now again all three winners in the ERC hail from the north.

Sverre Isachsen sealed his third consecutive title with his fourth win of the year. A place in the top three would have been enough, so taking the crown with a win was the icing on the cake. Davy Jeanney made a race of it, once getting alongside Isachsen and touching the back of the lead car a couple of times. The Frenchman led only when Isachsen took the Joker Lap, but when he then jokered, Isachsen went ahead again and that was that. Tanner Foust got the A final ticket after the stewards excluded Liam Doran for ‘unsporting behaviour’. Toomas Heikkinen and Stig-Olov Walfridsson completed the finishers, Frode Holte, one of the last who could possibly have denied Isachsen the crown, going off in the first lap after a lot of midfield pushing and shoving.

Krzysztof Skorupski took another A final win, the home victory an emotional one for the series newcomer. Johan Larsson ran the pole close but then had his hopes of a podium finish dashed by a last lap puncture that left him unable to fend off Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme and champion-elect Andreas Bakkerud. Julien Debin won the B final and placed fifth with Stanislav Šusta sixth but out of the race in the first lap with rear suspension damage.

The TouringCar A final was led from ligfhts to flag by Lars Øivind Enerberg who very simply outpaced everyone else in the race and drove confidently to his first victory of this second half of the series and the title. Roman Častoral chased but did not have the pace to challenge and took second while a late slip cost Derek Tohill third and gifted the position to David Nordgård.




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