FIA CEZ trophy at Kakucs

by Eddi Laumanns |

Harsányi, Bílek, Strobl and Freudenthaler victorious at the Kakucsring.

The fifth round of the FIA Central European Zone Rallycross Trophy was held over the weekend of July 16 and 17 at the Kakucsring south of the capital city of Budapest in Hungary and counted also as round 5 to the Hungarian and as round 4 to the Czech Rallycross Championships.

Among the Supercar campaigners Austrian Alois Höller experienced another bad luck event. Once again being involved in an incident with his bosom friend Czech Otakar Výborný the Ford driver had to throw in the towel in the first qualifying heat after loosing one of his Focus’ front wheels as well as its suspension parts. While Höller was able to repair the car to set a time in the second runs during the third heat he had to give up again, due to another breakdown of his racer that was following damage from the first heat’s crash. Therefore Hungary was nothing but a waste of time and effort for the multiple Austrian champ. After the all decisive A final the Hungarian event saw no less than four Mitsubishi Lancer drivers in front, victory remained in the country as Magyar Zoltán Harsányi and his Mitsubishi Lancer E5 reached the chequered flag first. After five rounds of the series Austrian Ford Focus driver Jürgen Weiß, who became sixth overall at Kakucs, is on top of the CEZ Supercar point standings now.

The Super1600 category fell pray to Czech Škoda Fabia campaigner Petr Bílek while Pole Krzysztof Skorupski, who claimed the victory in all four previous rounds, did not take part in the Hungarian event. The TouringCar class had an even poorer entry, Austrian rotary engine man Sepp Strobl drove his Mazda RX-8 to victory ahead of homeboy György Fodor in the rear-wheel driven Peugeot 206. Bad luck also for Czech Roman Častoral in Hungary, the former European champion was forced into early retirement with engine issues of his Opel Astra G. In the A final it was Austrian Seat Ibiza driver Klaus Freudenthaler who claimed his second 2011 CEZ victory, runner-up on home soil became Peugeot 306 pilot Gábor Bánkuti Jr.


  • Supercar – Final Results:
  • 1. Zoltán Harsányi (H) Mitsubishi Lancer E5
  • 2. Csaba Spitzmüller (H) Mitsubishi Lancer E8
  • 3. Otakar Výborný (CZ) Mitsubishi Lancer E9
  • 4. Zoltán Vass (H) Mitsubishi Lancer E5
  • 5. Tamás Révész (H) Škoda Fabia II
  • 6. Jürgen Weiß (A) Ford Focus I
  • Super1600 – Final Results:
  • 1. Petr Bílek (CZ) Škoda Fabia I
  • 2. Václav Veverka Jr. (CZ) Peugeot 206
  • 3. Gábor Majerszky (H) Suzuki Swift
  • 4. Béla Újházi (H) Opel Astra G
  • TouringCar – Final Results:
  • 1. Josef Strobl (A) Mazda RX-8
  • 2. György Fodor (H) Peugeot 206
  • SuperNational – Final Results:
  • 1. Klaus Freudenthaler (A) Seat Ibiza II
  • 2. Gábor Bánkuti Jr. (H) Peugeot 306
  • 3. Jakub Bittman (CZ) Peugeot 206
  • 4. Tomáš Hurt (CZ) Citroën C2
  • 5. Sven Förster (A) VW Golf II
  • 6. Peter Freinberger (A) Nissan Sunny GTI


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