Peter’s one-round stand with Helga

by Eddi Laumanns |

Swede Peter Hedström set for Höljes ERC round in Škoda Fabia of Jochen Coox.

The grapevine had it for some time already, but today the deal was finally agreed. Belgian Jochen Coox is renting out his ex-Lars Larsson ERC winning Škoda Fabia I Supercar, also known as ‘Helga 1’, to Swedish retired Rallycross driver Peter Hedström. Hedström, who lives near Höljes and is very eager to take part in his home event, last raced a Ford Fiesta VI of Andréas Eriksson in the full 2008 SRC as well as in selected 2008 and 2009 ERC rounds, before selling the car to Norwegian Rallycross lady Camilla Antonsen and to retire from the sport of Rallycross.

“Via Koen Pauwels I was asked if my Škoda was available for Höljes. After taking quite some time to think about the Swedish request and its pros and cons me and my team eventually decided to rent the car out. Today we agreed about the final details of the deal. I will go with my entire team to Sweden to take care about the service, our truck will leave tomorrow. However, before we go to Höljes we will do a stopover at Trollspeed were the motor will undergo an engine test. I want Peter to drive my car in top condition and hope to advise him during the whole weekend as good as possible,” said Jochen Coox on Monday afternoon.


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