Norwegian championship, Løkken

by Eddi Laumanns |

Tesdal, Håbjørg and Haugan successful at the Orkla Motorsenter.

The third round of the Norwegian Rallycross Championship was held on June 4 and 5 at the Orkla Motorsenter at Løkken Verk. Thommy Tesdal drove his Opel Corsa C to victory in the Class 1, Ole Håbjørg won the Class 2 with his 1-series BMW and Stian Haugan used his Citroën Xsara to pick up the laurels in Class 3. Volvo S40 campaigner Rune Engesvoll experienced a spectacular shunt in the Class 3 A final that resulted in several bruised ribs and an admission of the local hospital. However, Rune is back in good mood again and looking forward to be at the Lånkebanen for the Norwegian ERC round at the end of June.


  • Class 1 – Final Results:
  • 1. Thommy Tesdal (N) Opel Corsa C
  • 2. Asgeir Taraldsen (N) Peugeot 206
  • 3. Frode Skaar (N) Citroën Saxo
  • 4. Espen Eid (N) Peugeot 206
  • 5. Trond Wilhelm Marthinsen (N) Citroën Saxo
  • 6. Alexander Hvaal (N) Citroën Saxo
  • Class 2 – Final Results:
  • 1. Ole Håbjørg (N) BMW E81
  • 2. John “Pirkka” Karlsson (AX) Mazda RX-8
  • 3. Bjørn Olav Jøranli (N) Suzuki Baleno
  • 4. Rudi André Rossland (N) Citroën C4
  • 5. Henning Nyberg (N) Mazda RX-7
  • 6. Roy Vidar Skomedal (N) Mazda RX-7
  • Class 3 – Final Results:
  • 1. Stian Haugan (N) Citroën Xsara
  • 2. Terje Morstad (N) BMW E46 M3
  • 3. Per A. Jørgensen (N) Volvo S40 I
  • 4. Thomas Tørnby (N) Volvo S40 I
  • 5. Per Jørgensveen (N) Volvo S40 I
  • 6. Rune Engesvoll (N) Volvo S40 I


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