Lysen gets Helmia Clio

by Tim Whittington |

After a winter in which illness cast a shadow over his participation in the ERC, Mats Lysen has bounced back and announced that he will drive one of Helmia Motorsport’s Renault Clios in this year’s series. “It’s fantastic that my partners still trust in me, that we are able to continue our cooperation in such a big way is something like a ‘pinch my arm’ feeling. Although my illness has set me back a little over the winter I promise to do everything I can to deliver top performances this year,” said Lysen.

Helmia Motorsport, the team of Swede Stig-Olov Walfridsson, is aiming high this year. They have built two almost identical Clios, one for “Stecka” and the other one for Lysen. “Our goal is to do the full European championship and we have set our sights to be among the first three at the end of the series. Mats Lysen Motorsport and Helmia Motorsport will collaborate closely during the season. The car is constantly evolving and we are now two so we can help each other. I think this will be a distinct advantage for both of us. We can test together and, thereby, get double the input in what we do,” said Walfridsson.

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