Kristoffersson and Audi – like father like son.

Kristoffersson and Audi in rallycross

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This week we got confirmation that Johan Kristoffersson will take part in the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship at the wheel of an Audi S1 in the EKS JC team. The Kristoffersson family, of course, has form with Audi and the news was good excuse to rummage in the archive and dig some pics of Tommy Kristoffersson at the wheel of the Audi Quattro and Audi S2 Quattro he used in rallycross in the 1990s.

Tommy Kristoffersson, Audi Quattro, Tomellila, Sweden 1990

Tommy Kristoffersson, these days spotter for son Johan.
Leading the pack at Arendonk in Belgium 1990.
With Pekka Rantanen’s Ford RS200 at Arendonk 1990.
Mondello Park 1990, leading Matti Alamaki and the Quattro of Ulsterman Alister Galloway.
Lousada, Portiugal in 1991, leading Rob Gibson.
At Momarken in Norway leading the S1 versions of Bertil Persson and Olle Arnesson.
Bouncing through the chicane at Valkenswaard in Holland, 1992.
Holand 1992 leading the field alongside Will Gollop’s Metro.
In the new S2 Quattro door-to-door with Barry Squibb’s Escort at Arendonk in 1993.
The S2 Quattro for 1992 at Lyngas in Norway ahead of Bjorn Skogstad’s Escort.
As part of trhe Swedish team at the Inter-Nations Cup at Nurburgring in 1993.
Leading eventual European Champion jean-Luc Pailler in the rain at Valkenswaard in 1993.
On home ground at Holjes in 1993.
Loheac 1993, again with Skogstad.
Lousada 1994.
At Horn-Fuglau in Austria, 1995.
At the home of rallycross, Lydden in 1996.
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