Kenneth Hansen | Fourteen – the book of the most succcessful rallycross driver

The life and times of the most successful rallycross drier

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Written by Hal Ridge, with a foreword by Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen, alongside who Kenneth Hansen sits on the FIA Drivers’ Commission, this is a run-down of the 10 chapters in the new book release, Kenneth Hansen | Fourteen.

1. Rivals

Rivals from over three decades of racing talk about Hansen, as well as his recollections of each of them. From those he competed against early in his career like Per-Ove Davidsson and Anders Norstedt, to rivals he battled with for his 14 European crowns; characters like Bjorn Skogstad, Martin Schanche, Ludvig Hunsbedt, Michael Jernberg, Jean-Luc Pailler and Per Eklund. And those who he later competed against as a team owner in the current era of the sport, like Petter Solberg, Mattias Ekstrom and Manfred Stohl.

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2. Fourteen

Fourteen stories from the career which netted 14 European Championship titles. Topics include the creation of the joker lap, recollections of the biggest crash of Hansen’s career, arguably the most famous race in European rallycross history, Hansen’s only event disqualification, his driving style, the evolution of his famous Citroen Supercars, having to swap tyre suppliers mid event under cover, and insight into discussions with other manufacturers that could have changed the shape of rallycross history.

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3. Beginnings

Hansen’s early life and progress through karting to folkrace and eventually to rallycross, including details of his early kart races and innovative engineering at home.

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4. Family & friends

The Swede’s family and some of his closest friends talk about him, giving an insight into the private side of the consummate professional that is rarely seen outside of his closest circle.

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5. Drivers

Hansen has worked with a large number of drivers in his team. In chapter five, each of them speak about him and he recalls each of them, giving previously unknown insight. From the first full-time driver under the Hansen Motorsport umbrella, Jussi Pinomaki, to success with Liam Doran, Timur Timerzyanov’s two European Rallycross Championship titles and Davy Jeanney’s World RX wins. The signing of World Rally legend Sebastien Loeb and appearances for names like Kenny Brack, Andrew Jordan, Eric Faren, Stig-Olov Walfridson and many others.

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6. Team

Members of the Hansen team down the years talk about the boss, from the longest serving rallycross engineer in history, Kennet Nyberg, to the those that were with Hansen in his early races. Engineers from Citroen Sport speak of how they helped Hansen’s progress, now Team JC KYB team owner Joel Christoffersson talks about growing up in Hansen’s team and the team’s most recent lead engineer, Graham Rodemark, talks about getting to know the man and his family, and guiding Hansen’s youngest son Kevin to success.

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7. World champions

Always to the fore of improvements in rallycross, Hansen worked hard for years behind the scenes in a bid to help the sport he loves achieve better promotion. Ultimately rallycross became a World Championship in 2014, and the Hansen team has since won a pair of Teams’ titles and a Drivers’ crown too. Shirley Gibson details Hansen’s significance in getting the sport better television coverage several decades ago, the introduction of a single promotor and growth to World Championship is explained by Tim Whittington, former World RX Managing Director Martin Anayi, FIA President Jean Todt and World RX TV commentator Andrew Coley. Timmy and Kevin Hansen talk about their efforts in winning the 2019 World RX titles.

Rallycross World | Kenneth Hansen Fourteen, rallycross book, CH07_World Ch

8. America

One of the first to run rallycross cars in America, Hansen has been very successful in the United States. From winning X Games gold medals with Liam Doran and Sebastien Loeb, to claiming Nitro Rallycross titles with Timmy and Kevin Hansen. Each of those drivers talk about those adventures.

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9. 30 years

Hansen’s full rallycross career detailed year-by-year with every car illustrated.

Rallycross World | Kenneth Hansen Fourteen, rallycross book, CH09_Years30

10. Results

Fully detailed results archive for Kenneth Hansen and the drivers run by his team from 1983 to 2019.

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