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Seven days in rallycross 18 November

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11 November The final PTRX event of the year is postponed just a few days before the Campeonato de Portugal de Ralicross competitors were due to assemble at Sever do Vouga because of restrictions in gatherings. A short statement holds out the hope that the event might be rescheduled in December or January. “Certain of the seriousness of the situation and as a Public Utility institution, Vouga Sport Clube also has the social responsibility to comply with and enforce the recommendations of the DGS and the Local Authorities. In this way, FPAK and Vouga Sport Clube are already working to reschedule the event for the months of December 2020 or January 2021, so that the Portuguese Championship of Ralicross, Kartcross and Super Buggy can be fulfilled, as originally planned. ”

Rallycross World | Henrik Krogstad, RX2, RX2e, #YellowSquad

12 November RX2 champion Henrik Krogstad commits to building his rallycross future in the new RX2e championship. The Norwegian gets one event free as his prize for winning RX2 with #YellowSquad and is targeting a full season. “The goal naturally is to raise sufficient funds to be able to contest the full season, and we’re working hard to find partners to join us. Hopefully the switch to electric power will make that job a little bit easier, especially coming from Norway, which as a country is already pretty forward-thinking with regard to environmental responsibility,” he said.

Rallycross World | Henrik Krogstad, RX2, RX2e, #YellowSquad

13 November In an interview on the official championship website, FIA World Rallycross Champion Timmy Hansen talks in detail about the final round of the 2019 series, that final, the first lap incident, and the wait for the Stewards to investigate. He also talks about the difference being World Champion has made to him as a driver: “I didn’t think it would change a lot before the year, but looking back on a personal level the way that I performed in 2020 has probably been my best ever. I’ve been more consistent than ever, that was really a key that I wanted to work on for 2020 and I think I’m just more relaxed, more calm. I don’t have to prove anything any more. I am World Champion and I’m always going to be a World Rallycross Champion even if I’m not the reigning one. So I feel quite a lot more relaxed and confident, I don’t have to take every single battle on track, I just have to take the battles that count. And drive as fast when I need to drive fast, like that final in Barcelona when I finally finished ahead of Johan, that was also a big moment. I think it’s made me a better driver if anything. A bit more relaxed, more calm, better calculated and still being able to drive fast when I need to,” said Hansen. The full interview is here:

Rallycross World | Timmy Hansen, FIA World Rallycross Championship, Killarney, cape Town

14 November The iRacing Rallycross World Championship gets its sixth different winner in as many events as Mitchell deJong takes his first win of the 2020 series at Lucas Oils Raceway. Moving clear of Yohann Harth and Garrett Manes in the first lap, deJong had a relatively easy run to the chequer. Tommi Hallman placed second with Harth third. Jon Robertson retains the championship lead ahead of Harth and deJong.

15 November Rio Cuarto hosts the fourth round of CARX and the South American Rallycross Championship where the weather played a hand in the weekend and forced the track to be adjusted, bypassing an unsealed section, for the second day of racing. Alejandro Cancio (Chevrolet) led the RC2 final from the start and broke free of the pack. The only time at which he was not the leader was in the last lap when he took his joker lap. Gaston Gonzales took the lead and was first to the chequer, but having forgotten to take his joker lap, immediately received a 30-second penalty and dropped to last place in the eight-car final. Federico Villagra (Toyota) fought of Mario Baldo (Citroen) to take second place. In the RC2N category the win was taken by Juan Cruz Yacopini (Toyota) who was joined on the podium by Claudio Robustelli (Peugeot) and Juan Ignacio Alvarez (Mitsubishi). Augusto Neboli (Ford) took the RC5 win.

Rallycross World | CARX, Rio Cuarto, Alejandro Cancio, Chevrolet, RC2JPG

18 November Patrick O’Donovan is set to become the youngest driver ever to race in British RX’s RX150 championship. The 16-year-old is studying at Loughborough College as part of Motorsport UK’s Diploma in Sporting Excellence programme and hopes to race an RX150 buggy when the Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship 5 Nations Trophy returns to the track at Lydden Hill on 5-6 December. “My goal is to have a career in motorsport and with the 2020 season so mixed up thanks to things nobody can control, and a disappointing round one for us meaning it will be difficult to fight for the championship in Juniors, we decided now is the right time to make the switch to RX150 so I can get more experience in faster cars with sequential gearboxes,” said O’Donovan.

Rallycross World | Patrick O'Donovan RX150

18 November The final form of the new RX2e car is revealed. Based around the ‘Supercar Lite’ that has underpinned RX2, the new machine is now powered by a 32kWh battery, with the motors generating 250kW of power and up to 460Nm torque. Until now the prototype car has been seen with RX2 body panels and dazzle camouflage. The FIA RX2e Championship will run at six rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2021 with all cars being run on an arrive and drive basis.

Rallycross World | RX2e new style

This weekend     No real racing this weekend, as far as we know. You need to wait for 5-6 December when both Britain and Ireland should have national championship action at Lydden and Mondello Park respectively. Until then, iRX continues, this weekend at Phoenix. And make a bit of time to check out Bakkerud Life and some good insights on the Ford Performance/Hoonigan racing Ford Focus RS RX.

We are doing the best to keep our calendar of events and where you can watch rallycross in 2020 up to date for you. Postponed and cancelled events remain shown but marked as a record of the carnage wrought on the 2020 schedule by Covid-19.

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