A new BMW rallycross star car.

BMW M3 E30 & E92 in rallycross

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Rallycross drivers have often turned to a BMW in a bid for sucess or to make the mark and race something different. A few years ago we took a look back to 1987 and one of the most exciting and remarkable rallycross cars ever built – Arild Martinsen’s four-wheel drive E30 M3-based Supercar.

This year another startling new BMW has been on the tracks. British-based Pole Slawomir Woloch’s new E92 M3 V8 is a startling piece of kit.

After many years of campaigning cars that, we are sure he will also admit, were not top notch, Woloch commissioned the new car from Polish team Automax Motorsport but has had relatively few opportunities to use it in 2020. 

It was not until August that Woloch got to drive in British RX, the first and so far only event in the delayed and rescheduled British championship at Lydden.

He has managed to race back home in Poland to get some miles on the car and experience under his belt. Like Martinsen’s legendary car, Woloch has created something that stands out from the pack and has already garnered much praise and admiration. Hopefully he’ll get more time to play with his new toy next year.

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