Eriksson wins RallyX Nordic. Krogstad get eRX2 prize drive. Raymond in Projekt E.

Seven days in rallycross 9 September

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5 September    The first day of action at the Nysumbanen in Denmark is claimed by Oliver Eriksson who won the penultimate round of  the RallyX Nordic series. Eriksson took the win and the points lead rewlatively easily after teammate Fraser McConnell went off in the first lap of the final. Ben-Philip Gundersen chased Eriksson home while Ulrik Linnemann completed the top three in his new Supercar Fiesta. Belgian Guillaume De Ridder returned to RX2/Supercar Lites action and was immediately successful. The winner of the Saturday final, De Ridder was joined on the ppdium by Henrik Krogstad and Jesse Kallio. Local racer Soren Jelsbak won the crosskart final and Erik Andersson was best of the junior crosskart racers.

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6 September    Oliver Eriksson secures the RallyX Nordic title in the final round of the series at Nysumbanen in Denmark. The Swede’s Ford Fiesta suffers a puncture in the final, but  third place is sufficient for him to secure the title, Ben-Philip Gundersen wins the event, his first Supercar event win and Fraser McConnell also took a personal best finish by placing second ahead of Eriksson. having lost the title in the final round in each of the last two years, Eriksson was clearly relieved to win this time. “It’s about time, isn’t it! Arriving here, the aim was to bring the trophy home this year. We came so close last year and the year before only to suffer a lot of misfortune on the final weekend, but I tried to analyse what I could do better from those situations and everything just worked out this time. I’m so grateful,” he said.

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The Supercar Lites and RX2 battle was won by Henrik Krogstad who had a near faultless day with his #YellowSquad car to win the final and take the title. Guillaume De Ridder placed second with Jesse Kallio third for the second time in the weekend. Krogstad’s victory also gave him the RX2 title and with it the prize of a drive in the new for 2021 all-electric FIA eRX2 series. 

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Max Rundberg won the Crosskart final and with it the series title while Alex Gustaffsson played  amre measured game and finished second in the Junior Crosskart final (which was won by Rasmus Persson) to seal the junior title.

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6 September    The CEZ series and Czech Championship moves on to Sedlcany in the Czech Republic where Polish driver Staniszewski Zgigniew (Ford Fiesta) takes his second victory of the year. Zgigniew is fastest in Q1 and Q3 to be Top Qualifier before winning the final ahead of Ales Fucik (VW Polo), whoi had been fastest in Q2. Alois Holler (Fiesta) completes the podium finishers. Jan Cerny (Skoda Citigo) is best of the Super1600 field and dominant in the event where he wins allthree qualifiers, his semi-final and the final. Vaclav Veverka (Peugeot 208) is second with Hungarian racer Andrei Vajda (Renault Twingo) third. Josef Susta (Skoda Fabia) won semi-final two but slipped to fourth place in the final. In the Historic Cup the upto 1600cc class presented Tomas Marchal (Skoda Rapid RH) with another victory while Jiri Matejka (Soda Felicia) won the over 1600cc category. There was further Polish success in the over 2000cc SuperTouring (Supernational) class where Damian Litwinowicz (Honda Civic) took the win. Roman Castoral (Opel Astra OPC) was victorious again in the 1600-2000cc class and the upto 1600cc section was won by Michal Sklenar (Honda Civic CRX). Matej Senk (VW Polo) won the National 1600 class and Kartcross final was won by Michal Pihavek (Yamaha)

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6 September    The first round of the delayed and shortened Norwegian Rallycross Championship takes place with two days of action at Gardemoen. The event is split into sections with some classes running on Saturday before leaving the venue and a second group of cars and drivers using the track on Sunday. Kjetil Larsen (Audi A1) begins the defence of his 2019 title by winning the event but the big story is the participation of Svein Bjarte Holten who raced Holten Motorsport’s Projekt E Ford Fiesta ERX as the Norwegian ASN, the NBF, has opened up NM Rallycross to electric racecars. Holten, making his first start in a rallycross event since 2006 and racing a four-wheel drive car for the first time, placed third with David Nordgaard (Fiesta) between him and Larsen. Sander Engsvik (BMW) wins the Klass Three Supernational final, Kim Avar Meland (BMW) wins Klasse Four and Klasse One (S1600) is taken by Per Magne Svardal (Peugeot) who beats Espen Isaksaetre and Ole Henry Steinsholt. The Junior category has 21 runners and is won by Sindre Madsen Moe (Peugeot) who is joined on the podium by Andrine Rafoss (Honda) and Sindre Haug (Honda).

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6 September    The Latvian rallycross Championship goes to MUSA Raceland where a full event includes autocross categories. In the absence of any Supercars the leading result among the rallycross classes is a Kartcross victory for Reinis Nitiss (Kamikaz K3) who beats class regular Ronalds Baldins (Speedcar). Maija Stakena (Ford Puma) beats all the men to win the TouringCar final while Juirs Spikis (Skoda Fabia) is best of the Super1600 field. 

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6 September    The Portuguese Ralicross Championship staged its fourth event of the year at Macao Verde Horizonte where the evet win was taken by Jose Lameiro (Skoda Fabia) ahead of Goncalo Novo (Peugeot 206) and Daniel Pacheco (Subaru Impreza). Autocross Super Buggy runs within the series and the winner here wqas Paulo Godinho. The Kartcross final was won by Pedro Rosario (Semog Bravo) while Jorge Machado (Citroen C2) won the Super1600 final, beating Jose Queiros (Peugeot 206) and Rogerio Sousa (Ford Fiesta). Leonel Sampaio (Citroen Saxo) was best of the National 1.6 racers and Adao Pinto (Opel Astra) took another win in the National two-wheel drive category. The Junior class (iniciacao) was won by Joao Novo (Toyota Corolla) with Andre Monteiro (Corolla) taking second after a tense battle with Goncalo Rocha (Peugeot 106) who was penalised for an incident in the race and dropped to third place.

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9 September    Cyril Raynond is named as the driver of STARD’s new Citroen C3 ERX whihc will make its debut the second round of the Projekt E series at World RX of Riga-Latvia later this month. The Frenchman raced in World RX with GCK last year and was an event in the FIA European Supercar Championship in 2018, having previously won the RX2 series in both 2016 and 2017.

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This weekend     The estonian championship moves to Kehala on Saturday where the Baltic Cup joins the schedule. NM Rallycross continues at Grenland in Norway and the BTRDA Clubmans Series finally gets underway at Lydden.  We are doing the best to keep our calendar of events and where you can watch rallycross in 2020 up to date for you. Postponed and cancelled events remain shown but marked as a record of the carnage wrought on the 2020 schedule by Covid-19.

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