Gronholms set for Holjes. Terroitin for Rallycross France return. Dall’olmo tests real car.

Seven days in rallycross 17 June

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12 June    RallyX Nordic reveals that the livestream for it’s opening event of the year at Holjes in Sweden will be available on the StayLive streaming platform with the subscription priced at €19.99 (or €24.99 after 25 June. Thursday (2 July), Saturday (4 July) and Sunday (5 July) will feature non-stop racing entertainment – with no commercial breaks interrupting any of the on-track action – while Friday (3 July) has been set aside as a media day, with a four-hour studio transmission and regular interviews with the stars of the show set to take viewers right into the heart of the paddock from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The TV shows will include a commentary and presentation team of World RX regulars Andrew Coley and Neil Cole along with Molly Pettit and leading journalist Hal Ridge. Details of how to subscribe are here.

Rallycross World | RallyX Nordic, Holjes
Rallycross World | RallyX Nordic, Holjes, Coley, Cole, Pettit, Ridge

12 June    Three time Rallycross France champion Laurent Terroitin will return to racing this year, 16 years after he last raced. Terroitin has  been riding in motocross events over the last few years, and also rebuilding a Citroen DS3 that he acquired three years ago. “It’s been over ten years since I’ve set foot in a car like this… maybe I’ll be completely lost, maybe I won’t be that bad or maybe even that I will be beyond expectations! Until I have driven against the competition it is difficult to have an idea. The objective will therefore be to do the best to play at the front as quickly as possible!” said Terroitin.

Rallycross World | Laurent Terroitin, Citroen Xsara

15 June    Niclas Gronholm will begin his 2020 competition season by racing his Hyundai i20 Supercar in the RallyX Nordic event at Holjes in July. The most recent World RX event winner, Gronholm will use the event to prepare for the FIA World Rallycross Championship year which will begin at Holjes on August 22-23. “It’s going to be awesome to finally get back to racing and rallycross! It’s been a long break for the sports world, and way too much time out of the Hyundai for me personally, but that’s behind us and now I’m very much looking forward to getting out on the track and facing many of my racing friends again. I expect the competition to be very tough at Holjes, so it will be a great chance for us to get ready for the upcoming World RX season, shake off the ‘rust’ and test our updated car,” said Gronholm

Rallycross World | RallyX Nordic Niclas Gronholm

16 June    The Latvian Rallycross Championship, LV-RX, will commence on 4-5 July at Bikernieki in Riga. The series is scheduled to take place over four events, moving on to Jekabpils, Vilkyciai in Lithuania and Bauska after the first event. Spectators are being permitted to attend the Riga event, but tickets are limited and must be bought in advance.

Rallycross World | LV-RX, Spikis

16 June    SET Esports release a video showing a test conducted with DiRT Rally 2.0 World Champion Killian Dall’olmo who drove a SET Promotion RX2 car at Loheac in February. “The Supercar Lites is the very first real car I have ever driven, I’ve not even driven a road car before, so the feeling of speed and grip, and how good the handling is, was amazing. The real-world track and the circuit in the game have their differences, so the challenge is quite different too. But, it’s also the same because in the game you learn to be smooth, and I found that was the fastest way in the Supercar Lites too. It was great to work with Jussi Pinomaki and discuss my driving between the runs, also looking at the data, and I was able to improve the next time in the car. I also now have the goal of racing in real rallycross too,” said Dall’olmo.

Rallycross World | Dall'olmo SET Esports RX2 test Loheac

17 June    For drivers are named to take part in the Legends section of the RallyX Nordic event at Holjes, among them Per Eklund who will make his first competitive start since 2015 and drive one of his own team’s VW Beetle Supercars. He will be joined on the track by Marcus Gronholm, Stig-Olov Walfridson and Andreas Eriksson. “This is not a comeback – I promised my family that I would stop permanent racing already some time ago – but as a one-off event, with fast cars and many great drivers, Holjes will be great fun and I’m looking forward to enjoying every bit of it in our GRX Hyundai i20 Supercar. Also, I’ll get to compare my lap times with Niclas, and I am sure he will give me a hard time chasing him,” said Gronholm.

Rallycross World | Marcus Gronholm

Calendar    We are doing the best to keep our calendar of events and where you can watch rallycross in 2020 up to date for you.The first rallycross to take place since Covid-19 closed the season will be the Czech Championship MMCR event at Sosnova on 26-28 June.

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