Czechs in pole position to return to racing. McConnell set for Nordic Supercar debut.

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3 June    Among a six-car line-up to be run by JC Raceteknik in the RallyX Nordic “All-Star’ event at Holjes in July will be an Audi S1 Supercar for Belgian racer Enzo Ide. The event will the former GT champion’s return to competition and is a warm-up for his planed campaign in the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercars.  The team will also run Supercars for Ben-Philip Gundersen and Mats Ohman.

Rallycross World | Enzo Ide, JC Raceteknik, RallyX Nordic, Holjes, Spa

5 June    RX Italia publishes a revised calendar of five events running from August to December, but is also forced to postpone planned test days because of bad weather… The new calendar will begin with a double-header at Maggiora on the weekend of 29-30 August, the first day using the track in reverse layout. The series will then move to Melk in Austria on 19-20 September, before returning to Maggiora on 17-18 October and finishing at Ittiri on 19-20 December.

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8 June    RallyX Nordic launches a ‘Legends’ aspect to its ‘All-Star’ event at Holjes in July. The announcement promises “some of the most successful and popular drivers from the past 40 years return to the fray for a very special showdown”, but does not yet name any drivers. The event will run on 2-5 July and feature Supercars, Supercar Lites/RX2 and Crosscar and will be live-streamed.

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9 June    Freestyle jet ski champion competitors Jason and Darren Bleasdale will switch to rallycross this year and race in the Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship 5 Nations Trophy. Six-time Pro Freestyle National Champion Jason will race a Vauxhall VX220 in Supernational while younger brother Darren is set to join the field in the BMW Mini one-make series. “Jason and I have raced together previously in ministocks, and of course competed against each other in jet skis. This will be a completely new challenge which I’m very much looking forward to. We did a race at Lydden earlier in the year just to get the feel of the car, now I can’t wait to get our 5 Nations BRX campaign underway,” he said. The series is scheduled to start on 30-31 August.

Rallycross World | 5 Nations BRX, Bleasdale

10 June     OMSE will run seven cars in the RallyX Nordic event at Holjes next month, among those there will be a Ford Fiesta Supercars for Fraser McConnell and Anders Michalak. McConnell steps up after a great 2019 season in which he won the ARX2 title while Michalak graduates after several years in the RX2 category.

Rallycross World | OMSE, RallyX Nordic, Michalak

Calendar    We are doing the best to keep our calendar of events and where you can watch rallycross in 2020 up to date for you.
The Swedish ASN has authorised the return to racing for many disciplines, but there remains a limit of 50 spectators at any event, that number does not include the organisers and competitors.
In Finland the Rallycross SM series is waiting on the decision of the AKK at the end of June to decide its fate. AKK, the Finnish ASN, has sanctioned the organisation of lower level events but its championships are not yet approved.
The Portuguese ASN, FPAK, has published return to racing information and events are expected to resume in July. The next scheduled event for the Portuguese Ralicross series, PTRX, is at Lousada on 11-12 July.
As far as we can tell, the first rallycross to take place since Covid-19 closed down the season will be the Czech Championship MMCR event at Sosnova on 26-28 June.

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