International Women’s Day

by Rallycross World |

On International Women’s day a celebration of some of the women who have raced in rallycross. This not intended to be a definitive list, just a selection of different female drivers. Rallycross has always been egalitarian and perhaps more than its share of female racers over the years. There are not yet any regular female racers the World Championship but women are well represented in the series; the team principal or team manager for the World RX Championship winning team in each of the last three years has been female.

Rallycross World | Carolyn Boniface_BMW E3 4x4_Le Creusot (FRA)_1987
Rallycross World | Cathy Caly_Audi Quattro_Le Creusot (FRA)_1987
Rallycross World | Magda Andersson 09FRA
Rallycross World | Mandie August_L3870
Rallycross World | Paige Bellerby
Rallycross World | Ramona Karlsson
Rallycross World | Sandra Hultgren-August_0901
Rallycross World | Sue Jeffery, Porsche 911
Rallycross World | Susann Hansen 1994 Germany
Rallycross World | Susie Brailsford_Vauxhall Nova_Croft (GBR)_1991
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