Will Gollop

by Tim Whittington |

Britain’s most successful rallycross driver, Gollop won the FIA European Championship in 1992, his trophy cabinet also holding two MSA British and three Rallycross Grand Prix titles. Post-driving success came as he engineered and team managed Andrew Jordan to a Supercar title.
Now synonymous with the MG Metro 6R4 in which he achieved his greatest successes, Gollop established his reputation in Saabs. Progressing from Minis to the Swedish marque, Gollop pioneered and persevered with turbocharged cars for many years before claiming a British Championship class title with a naturally aspirated version in 1986.
That success helped open the door to ‘works’ support for a Metro 6R4 at the year end and International events in 1987. The next five years brought numerous event wins, the 1991 British Championship and that ’92 FIA title.
A move to Peugeot at the end of the Group B era in 1993 promised much but, as rallycross once again slipped from popularity, perhaps fell short of expectation.
Even when ‘retired’ from racing Gollop was never far away, success in circuit racing as an engineer keeping him in touch and leading to a return to driving in the 21st century with a Ford Focus. Retiring again, he then ran the car for teenaged Andrew Jordan, helping the future BTCC racer springboard into the limelight as the youngest ever event winner.
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