Rallycross World launches first in new merchandise range

by Hal Ridge |

Rallycross World has launched the first t-shirt in a new merchandise range based on the sport of rallycross that we all love.

As with everything Rallycross World strives to achieve, our products will be of a high quality and designed with care, thought and precision.

The first t-shirt that has been launched, as modeled by World Rallycross Championship star Anton Marklund, describes the sport in a breakdown of key facts and descriptions.

The t-shirts are now available at World Rallycross events from the official merchandise stand, and online by contacting us here. Current sizes avalible are S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Over the coming months we plan to launch a number of different lines in the new Rallycross World range, to appeal to both the life-long educated rallycross enthusiast and the casual fan who wants a quality motorsport garment.




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