OMSE prepares for World rallycross

by Hal Ridge |

As the end of 2013 looms, there is no break for teams contesting the FIA World Rallycross Championship next season. The time between now and the first round of the season in Portugal will disappear in a flash for those trying to be as prepared as possible. One of the most experienced teams in the rallycross paddock, OlsbergsMSE, is flat-out building brand new Ford Fiesta Supercars, alongside the development of their existing machines.

“We currently have four new cars in build, two of which are probably the cars we will use in the World Championship,” said team principle Andreas Eriksson. “We also have just got six cars back from America, four Supercars and a pair of Lites, on top of what we already have here at base, so we have a lot of cars here now.”

The new Fiesta bodyshells are at various stages of construction in OMSE’s Swedish base. Eriksson has 11 full time staff hard at work, soon to be backed-up in the new year by more technicians and engineers to continue the build of both Supercars and Supercar Lites.

First entering European rallycross in 2006, Eriksson’s team has gone from strength to strength, releasing the first Mk7 Fiesta at the start of the 2009 European season. Since its conception, OMSE has built 23 Fiesta Supercars, and 23 Lites.

One of the the key successes of the team is the continual push for progress in and out of the workshop; “We are constantly pushing to find new developments with our cars, that’s where we can have an advantage in the World championship. Having a good car is great, but it’s another thing altogether having a full understanding of it and being able to make it into a winner, that is where we are strong. It’s like me having the best training shoes in the world, but that doesn’t mean I can run like Usain Bolt!” says Eriksson.

Eriksson has been a long time believer in rallycross becoming a world-wide sport, OMSE was one of the first teams to become involved in American-based X-Games events; now the Swede is looking forward to the World championship; “Rallycross has more potential than any other motorsport and having an FIA World Championship is recognition of that. It is progressing and growing in a good direction and as one the people who always wanted this, and who has pushed for rallycross to be bigger and better I am very pleased that it is happening. OMSE/Ford has exciting plans to be involved in the World championship and the continued growth of rallycross across the world.”





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