How Euro RX fits in the World Rallycross Championship

by Hal Ridge |

Alongside the dates of the newly announced FIA World Rallycross Championship lies the line up for the FIA European Rallycross Championship.

With the rallycross moving to the world stage for 2014, championship promotors IMG Motorsport have restructured the European series to form a five round championship in order to provide an affordable ladder for drivers and teams making their first moves into international competition, and provide an attractive series of events for those are not able to commit to the World series.

The five events that form the FIA European Rallycross Championship are Great Britain, Norway, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Those contesting the European Championship for Supercar drivers will race at the same events in the same races as their World championship compatriots, the championship points for the European series will be taken at the end of the four qualifying heats. Should drivers have qualified for the semi-finals they are able to compete, and indeed score World Championship points.

Permanent World Championship drivers will be ineligible to score points in the European championship, but all drivers will score points in the World Championship. Only those who have raced in the ‘World’ (non European) events will be able to win the World Championship. As in 2013, events will remain open to any driver who wishes to enter on a single-round basis.

The Super1600 and TouringCar categories will continue to feature in the FIA European Rallycross Championship. IMG Motorsports is currently investigating the possibly of offering those categories a shorter calendar of events.

Some sporting changes to the World Rallycross Championship were also confirmed by the FIA World Motor Sports Council (December 4), including an increase from six to eight championship points for the winner of the final at each round. The number of engine seals to be used each season has been capped at three per driver, the penalty for every seal used thereafter will be 15 championship penalty points.





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