Loheac day two underway as Rallycross World Mag returns

by Hal Ridge |

The second day of RallycrossRX round seven gets underway this morning, the paddock is already full with excited French rallycross fans. Read about what happened yesterday on day one here.

After a short break in publication Rallycross World magazine has been re-launched during this weekend’s RallycrossRX event at Loheac.

The new-look magazine is featured-based, blending great photography with informative writing on subjects that cover all aspects of rallycross.

A printed version of Rallycross World has been presented at Loheac, the magazine will be available in both print and download formats. Details of how to buy it will be here in the next few days

We write about the things that interest us, and as we love rallycross as much as you do, we’re sure you’ll be interested too. We also love good old-fashioned printed magazines, so we will create something beautiful, an item that feels good when you hold it in your hand, that looks great and is informative and entertaining.

Rallycross World magazine will be available as a download but we hope you enjoy the print experience. We have taken care over the details of typography and paper choice and are fortunate to be able call on the services of some great photographers to illustrate our texts.

The download version is likely to be the most widely read, but we hope you will also enjoy the print experience; the tactile pleasure of an actual product that you can read offline and that never needs to be recharged.

We can deliver a printed magazine anywhere in the world, get in touch for details.

Remember to keep up to date with what’s going on in and around the paddock this weekend via our Twitter feed on the main page of RallycrossWorld.com

Follow us on Twitter @RallycrossWorld, whenever you read the new magazine, remember to hashtag #RXWorldMag

Keep up to date with the live results as they happen from the event here in France here.


About Rallycross World

Rallycross World magazine was first published in 2001 and has been available as both print and ‘e-zine’ formats in its previous 12 years and 104 issues. After a short break, it’s back with a new look and fresh agenda. It will be available to readers as both a download and print magazine, commercial customers can order bespoke versions with their own choice of cover and content options. Rallycross World is edited by Tim Whittington who has worked in rallycross as a photographer, writer, historian and consultant since 1984.





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