Henning Solberg gets ‘strongest car’ for Lydden RX

by Tim Whittington |

Henning Solberg has entered the British round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship and is heading to Lydden intent on reminding everyone what he is capable of in a rallycross car – and on going head-to-head with younger brother Petter for the first time in their careers.

Solberg (40) has put together a deal to race a Saab 93 Supercar run by Eklund Motorsport under the auspices of legendary rally and rallycross driver Per Eklund. “I trust Per to give me a car that is fast enough to win, he knows everything about rallycross so I just have to show up and drive,” said Solberg, who is looking forward to racing his brother. “Petter and I have never raced against each other in rallycross before so that will be fun. I’m not worried because my car is bigger than his and Eklund says it’s the strongest car!”

Solberg began his career in rallycross and progressed to the European championship, contesting the 1995 season with an Escort Cosworth, before switching his attention to rallies. He has dipped in an out of rallycross in more recent years, owning a Fiesta Supercar for a year and most recently taking part in the Norwegian round of the European championship with a Citroën C4. “I love rallycross and I like the direction that the sport is going now. Let’s see what happens at Lydden but I think that Petter being there will help  to bring more people than ever before. Rallycross is like all of motor sport in one event, it can be the best racing but you really need some luck because small things make a big difference,” said Solberg who has never before raced at Lydden.

In order to try and make up for that shortage of knowledge Solberg has been calling in some favours. “Of course Eklund has lots of experience and knowledge so he can help me, but I have also called [three-time European champion] Sverre Isachsen and he has told me a lot about the track at Lydden and how to drive it. I don’t know if I will get a test before Lydden, Eklund’s team is working to get the Saab ready and if there is time I will do a test, but if not I’m not really worried because I know the car will be good,” said Solberg who is working on all options for the rest of the 2013 season, including extending his deal with Eklund to cover more RallycrossRX events.

So, in this unique meeting of the brothers Solberg, who does the older sibling think is going to come out on top? “I don’t know. It’s going to be fun to race Petter but I will be happy just to have a good fight, and let the best Saab win!”

• This will be the first time that the Solberg boys raced each other, but they have competed against each other before. Take look at the video below, or click into our YouTube channel, from a Norwegian TV show, it all gets a bit messy at the end!





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