Belgian Championship at Duivelsberg

by Henk de Winter |

The Dutch Championship is coming to an end.  Super1600 driver, Dutchman Marcel Snoeyers, is a few points away from the Dutch title. In the second round of the Belgium Champion at the Duivelsberg in Maasmechelen, Snoeyers drove his Renault Clio to his third win of this year. His closest contenders in the Dutch Championship, Peter van de Wege (Toyota Yaris) and Davy van den Branden (Citroën C2) lost valuable points in their run for the title.

The race at the Duivelsberg was a ‘double-header’ and counted for the Belgian and Dutch Championship. When we focus on the Dutch Championship. The last race for this Championship is in Holland next week at July 15, but …  For the Dutch championship count 6 races. Four at the Eurocircuit and two at the Duivelsberg. Six races in total of which 5 counts. A ‘small’ detail is that the drivers competing in the Dutch Championship, before the season starts, they have to fill in which of those Belgian races count for the championship. The choice the drivers have is: March 4, July 8, September 16 or October 7. Drivers keep the choices they made carefully as a ‘secret’. Now you have the situation that Snoeyers has done his 2 Belgian races and has a total 92 points. Van de Wege, 4th in the Belgian race, has now 65 points and Van den Branden (6th) has 64 points. Van de Wege and Van den Branden still has one Belgian race to bring into the Dutch championship and there is still the last Dutch race to go. If Van de Wege or Van den Branden wins the Dutch round next Sunday and their favorite Belgian one. One of them can come equal on points with Snoeyers. If Snoeyers take victory in Holland next week, the Super1600 title is in his pocket. In the Belgian championship it’s Van den Branden who is the leader in the Super1600 class.

In the Touringcar is Koen Pauwels is on top of the leaderboard in the Dutch Championship. Followed by Christ Moelands with one point behind Pauwels. The penalty of the jumpstart in the A-final of BMW driver Moelands was a hard one. Moelands was send back to the paddock with 12 championship points, instead of battling for the victory. The battle will definitely continue between Pauwels and Moelands. Both has still a Belgian race to add on their total score-list, and Moelands won two races this year already on the Eurocircuit.

In the Supercars it was one-man show of Jos Kuypers. “In the first three laps of the final I was pushing”, said Kuypers. When Kuypers got the message that he had a big lead, the Supercar Fiesta was brought home safely. Kuypers has four wins in four races and wants to go to the maximum of points, 100. That means that he has to win in Holland upcoming Sunday. Ronny Scheveneels suffered (again) problems with his VW Scirocco. The engine was now overheating. Patrick van Mechelen (Subaru Impreza) was in the A-final chasing Kuypers, until the engine stalled and Van Mechelen could not re-start his Impreza. For the Belgian Championship Scheveneels and Kuypers are both equal on points (60). Jos Jansen is third n the ranking and Patrick van Mechelen 4th.

Kristof Bex (Volvo S40) was the fastest man in the Supernationals +2000. Luc Maris (Volvo S40) took second place and his son Steven (Volvo 242) became third. Pedro Cokelaere (Honda Civic) was the winner of the Supernational -2000 class. Cokelaere passed the finishline before Tom Meeuwsen (Mitsubishi Lancer) en Andreas Geebelen (Peugeot 206).




  1. Jos Kuijpers (I) Ford Fiesta MK7
  2. Jos Jansen (B) Ford Focus III
  3. Wil Teurlings (N) Volvo S40
  4. Ronny Scheveneels (B) VW Scirocco
  5. Patrick van Mechelen (B) Subaru Impreza
  6. Jan van Loon (NL) Ford Fiesta


  1. Koen Pauwels (B) Volvo C30
  2. Pedro Bonnet (B) Volvo C30
  3. Ivo van den Brandt (B) Mitsubishi Colt
  4. Nick Snoeys (B) Ford Fiesta
  5. Mandy Kasse (NL) Ford Fiesta
  6. Willem Slob (NL) VW Golf
  7. Christ Moelands (NL) BMW 120


  1. Marcel Snoeijers (N) Renault Clio RS
  2. Dave Van Beers (B) Renault Clio
  3. Willem Veltman (NL) Citroën C2
  4. Peter van de Wege (NL) Toyota Yaris
  5. Bart Stouten (B) Toyota Yaris
  6. Davy Van Den Branden (B) Citroën C2
  7. Andy Martin (B) VW Polo

Supernational -2000cc

  1. Pedro Cokelaere (B) Honda Civic
  2. Tom Meeusen (B) Mitsubishi Lancer
  3. Andreas Geebelen (B) Peugeot 206
  4. Christoph Chalmet (B) MG ZR
  5. Steven Stessens (B) Opel Corsa
  6. Kurt Lambers (B) Ford Sierra

Supernational + 2000cc

  1. Kristof Bex (B) Volvo S40
  2. Luc Maris (B) Volvo S40
  3. Steven Maris (B) Volvo 242
  4. Davy Leysen (B) BMW M3
  5. Ludo Triekels (B) BMW M3
  6. David VanNijlen (B) Volvo 242
  7. Danny De Beuckelaer (B) Opel Corsa
  8. Filip Baelus (B) Volvo C30
  9. Marco van Ratingen  (B) Toyota MR2
  10. Johan Sleeckx (B) BMW 130i
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