Rallycross for $1000

by Tim Whittington |

American magazine Car and Driver is making a TV pitching teams of petrolheads against each other in a ‘buy-a-cheap-car-and-modify-it-to-perform-this-task’ format. Battle of Beaters is a new project and episode one of season one sees the two teams each given $1000 and told to buy a car, or ‘crapcan’ as the official word from the team puts it, in which they can do Rallycross. Running the ‘race’ at night makes it more challenging for the drivers (and viewers) and there’s a forfeit for the losers. The teams have just 72 hours to buy and modify their car and there are all the usual kinds of arguments and upsets along the way.

The video is in three parts, and should play through from the embedded player below.


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