You could race Ken Block

by Tim Whittington |

Think you can drive better than Block? Want a chance to hammer the Hoonigan? Read on lovely European people because that nice Mr Block is bringing his Gymkhana Grid across the Atlantic and will run qualifying events open to anyone in France, Britain, Germany and Holland before presenting himself at the Flame and Thunder finale at Santa Pod in October where he will go head-to-head with the best drivers from the those events. The invitation requests those who think they are “man enough” to tackle Ken to register at, we figure it’s open to girls as well and hope that they also feel “man enough” to have a go.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRID is on the way to Europe.  © Monster/

In a nutshell, that’s it, but things being what they are there is the obligatory video (below) to accompany this news. We generally don’t go in for repeating press release text verbatim, but as the one for this has a spectacular language mashup we thought you might enjoy it!

“The tire-slaying, ball-tearing, tranny-trashing, clutch-kicking, gasoline chugging Gymkhana GRID* is back. Two years after Ken Block changed the game of head-to-head auto racing forever, the most intense race format to ever grace the planet will be spanning four countries and five events for European audiences to feast on its awesomeness. Commencing with 4 qualifying events held on tight, technical courses the series will come to a climax in a grand finale that will feature Mr. Gymkhana himself. GRID’s Euro invasion is gonna shred rubber during celebrations of hoonage, the likes of which have yet to be seen this side of the Atlantic. Taking entries for All-Wheel-Drive and Rear-Wheel-Drive, Ken Block will be joined by fellow king of drift Vaughn Gittin Jnr in handing out an invitation to Euro warriors of these two distinct classes to face-off in the qualifying events. The champs from each will get the chance to take on Ken (AWD) or Vaughn (RWD) in Gymkhana grand-slam hedonism at the showdown. Flame and Thunder in the UK will host the finals over the weekend of 27-28 October by which point we will have assembled machines and their keepers of the highest order. The winners from the 2 classes will take away a hold-all of cash and, pending Royal attendance**, a Knighthood of the Realm.”

* Wikipedia description may deviate    ** Long-shot







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