The JRX Cup

by Henk de Winter |

During the ERC event in Austria the JRX Cup was revealed to the press and public. The JRX Cup is aiming at drivers of 14 to 18 years old (or young). Rallycrossworld takes a deeper look into the development of this special build racing car for youngsters. In the beginning of January  French Rallycross driver Marc Laboulle presented the first plans to the press at the annual FIA Rallycross Prizegiving in Riga. Five months later the JRX is running. Scheduled in 2012 are six races at the upcoming ERC events of Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland and Germany. The first drivers in the JRX Cup are: Kevin Hansen (S), Magda Andersson (S), Joni Wiman (SF), Teemu Suninen (SF), Firmin Cadeddu (F),  Maret Knazev (RUS) and Ada Marie Hvaal (N).

The team behind the JRX project

The JRX Cup car is produced by MAKS. A company formed by (M) Marc Laboulle, (A), Arnaud Dufournier, (K) Kenneth Hansen and (S) Stéphane Orré. All four has a great passion for rallycross. Arnaud Dufournier is the financial manager of the project and has been an engineer at Michelin and has founded his own company, ‘Dufournier Technologies’. Stéphane Orré created, MTechnologies. MTechnologies build in four years, 7 Supercars and is currently in the ERC running cars for Marc Laboulle, Liam Doran, Davy Jeanney and Jérôme Grosset-Janin. Kenneth Hansen is 14 times European Champion and Marc Laboulle has several Supercar victories behind his name in France. Those four aimed at are creating a class for juniors aged 14 to 18 years. With a priority train not only the young drivers, but also mechanics, technicians and engineers.

How to get a drive into a JRX car

Easy is the word at MAKS. Get in touch with the national manager, to have info regarding the conditions and fares for the JRX Cup, and being aged between 14 and 18. You must have a license, if not, you can contact your ASN how to get a license for racing in this car. The driver’s equipment such as a helmet, racing-gloves, suit and racing shoes are included.

The JRX car

The JRX is a small car 2/3 of a ‘normal’ car, and is made of a tubular chassis with a fiber main body. The so called  ‘shadow body’. Adding specific decals, the car looks in 2012 as a Citroën, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford, or Renault. The car is placed full with  sensors, so that young drivers can learn to work with the latest technologies. The car is also equipped with data acquisition, steering wheel’s grade, brakes load, throttle valve gap, longitudinal and side position. “The JRX is a complete car. A four wheel drive one, with sequential gearbox and adjustable dampers,” says Marc Laboulle. The engine is a two-stroke engine which develops a 140 bhp at 8500 rpm, with a maximum torque from 5000 rpm. Tires will be the same for all competitors.

The JRX Cup

Two seats.

Drivers up to 1,90 m can fit into the JRX Cup car.

Four wheel drive.

Front transversal 140 hp 600 cc engine.

Front axle with differential.

Rear axle with differential.

Sequential Sadev gearbox.

FIA ratified tubular chassis.

8 parts fiber main body.

Speedline rims with 15 inch racing tires.

MacPherson with two way adjustable dumpers.



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