JRX debut in Austria

by Tim Whittington |

Scheduled to have its first event in Norway during the fifth round of the European Rallycross Championship, the new JRX category will be launched to the public during round three of the series at Greinbach in Austria at the end of this month.

Conceived by a group led by Kenneth Hansen and Mtechnologies boss Marc Laboulle, the JRX initiative is based around a controlled specification spaceframe car powered by a 125bhp, two-cylinder engine. With a sequential gearbox and four-wheel drive, the cars are designed to offer young racers the opportunity to acquire a skill set that will allow them to progress in Rallycross. The formula is open to driver aged between 14 and 18-years.

Laboulle recently reported that ten cars had already been sold for the new class, among those already confirmed to take part are Hansen’s younger son, Kevin, Ada Marie Hvaal (cousin of 2012 Supercar racer Alexander) and former kart champion Timu Suninen.

Testing and development of the car has been led by Laboulle who will introduce the first group of JRX drivers and unveil the car in Austria in a couple of weeks. The car will be demonstrated at the PS Racing Center by Kenneth Hansen and then displayed during the weekend over which the JRX team will begin the process of introducing the drivers to Rallycross. JRX will appear at the last six ERC events of the year, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Finland and Germany.

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