… and then it snowed

by Tim Whittington |

Racer and writer Hal Ridge is having one of those weeks when nothing quite seems to go right. Problems with the supply of parts, and some the theft of others, has already forced him to push his new Renault Twingo Super1600 to the back of the workshop and resurrect his old Clio fore the start of the 2012 European Rallycross Championship season.

In the middle of all of this the boy has had to stop work and take part in real life – two weddings and a funeral squashed into his diary in the last week. While this has been going on, progress on the car has been a bit slower but after an all-nighter Ridge and his trusty mechanic Dave Tullett made it to the rolling road on Tuesday – only to have their efforts thwarted by a persistent misfire that could not be traced. Returning to base still with work to do on the car, Ridge parked up and went for a few hours sleep last night. You can imagine his joy when he woke to find the road and his race car, under several inches of snow!

As we publish this, Ridge, Tullett and any willing and unwilling helpers who can be persuaded to help are working hard to get the Clio to Lydden for this weekend’s Monster Energy International Rallycross Festival…



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