Shakedown at Eurocircuit

by Henk de Winter |

During the whole day it was during the traditional ‘shakedown’ or testing-day a one way stream of racingcars from the paddock to the start-grid at the Dutch Eurocircuit. Three weeks before the start of the Dutch Rallycross Championship. An opportunity for drivers, besides testing the car, to show their new livery to the public and the possibility to drive mechanics, friends, family, sponsors around for a few quick laps around the track.

One of those who did the ‘first meters’ was Dutchman Jan van Loon in his Ford Fiesta Supercar, Belgian driver Pedro Bonnet in his Touringcar Volvo C30 and Mandy Kasse in her Touringcar Ford Fiesta. “Checking if everything works as planned and so far it looks fine”, said dad Ko Kasse about his daughters car. The Fiesta is build in the workshop of Ko Kasse with about 1500 hours of work into it said Kasse senior. “We still have a few small things to do.” Mandy will drive the rear-wheel drive Touringcar, with an engine of Zomer Techniek under the hood in the Dutch, Belgian and in several events in the European Rallycross Championship. A full program for the 19-year old Mandy Kasse who swapped the Opel Astra for a Ford Fiesta. Belgians Pedro Bonnet brought his brand Touringcar, a Volvo C30 to the Eurocircuit. Like the Fiesta of Mandy Kasse, the C30 is equipped with an engine from Zomer Techniek. Belgian ERC’s Supercar driver Michael Keersmaecker took a test-run behind the steeringwheel of the C30. “Mighty machine” said De Keersmaecker when he stepped out of the car. “Some small adjustments here and there and then go with the Volvo,” was the advice that De Keersmaecker gave to Pedro Bonnet. The team of De Keersmaecker does the maintenance this season of the Swedish build (Ingvar Gunnarsson) C30. For Bonnet it’s going to be this year his first full European campaign. The 2012 target. The A finals. Jan van Loon takes it a bit easier this year. The Dutchman build his Fiesta Supercar all by himself. “After two years these are my first meters driving the car. I’m satisfied and happy”, said the proud Dutchman after a few test-runs. Winner of the Touringcars at the openings-round of the Belgian Championship, Belgian Koen Pauwels, grabbed the opportunity to test and develop his Fiesta further and make sure that that the Fiesta will be in top condition for the ERC event in Lydden Hill at the easter weekend. The gearbox (changed) caused delay for the ‘shakedown’ of the Pauwels Motorsport Team.


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