British championship at Knockhill

by Tim Whittington |

Julian Godfrey started the sixth round of the Quaife MSA British Rallycross Championship at the head of the table, and left the event with one hand firmly on the championship trophy after taking his first overall event victory in the pouring rain at Knockhill in Scotland yesterday.

Steve Hill claimed bonus points for setting fastest time of the day, finally getting some pace and reliability out of his Mitsubishi Lancer E10. It was Hill, Godfrey and reigning champion Pat Doran who shared the front row of the Supercar A final. Godfrey and Hill made equal starts, Hill braking later into the first corner and going ahead before a chain reaction incident in the pack sent Godfrey sliding into Hill, the leader spinning out and losing so much time before being able to rejoin that he was out of contention. Also lost in the first corner battle was Andy Scott who toured at the tail of the field after his Ford Focus suffered heavy front end damage. Godfrey managed to get away from the scene, chased by Kevin Procter. David Binks picked his way through the debris and took his Joker Lap early, allowing him to pass his rivals one by one as the race developed, eventually passing Procter on the final tour to claim second place to Godfrey. George Tracey made his second championship appearance of the year and placed fourth having come to the A final after winning the B final ahead of Simon Horton. Defending champion Doran finished fifth ahead of Ian Archer, Hill and Scott. Godfrey’s win strengthen’s his position at the head of the championship, but Binks and Scott remain in the title chase with everything to play for in November’s final round at Croft.


  • Supercar 
  • 1 Julian Godfrey (Ford Fiesta VI) 4m09.584s
  • 2 David Binks (Ford Fiesta VII) 4m12.120s
  • 3 Kevin Procter (Ford Focus II)
  • 4 George Tracey (Citroen Xsara)
  • 5 Pat Doran (Ford Focus)
  • 6 Ian Archer (Subaru Impreza)
  • 7 Steve Hill (Mitcubishi E10)
  • 8 Andy Scott (Ford Focus II)
  • Supernational (3 Laps)
  • 1 Michael Boak (Audi TT TDi)
  • 2 Ash Simpson (Lotus Exige)
  • 3 Patrick Ryan (Vauxhall Nova);
  • 4 Jamie Bird (Renault Cliossport V6)
  • RX150 (5 Laps)
  • 1 Ollie Odonovan
  • 2 Steve Harris
  • 3 Leo Foster;
  • 4 Jake Harris;
  • 5 Brett Harris;
  • 6 Marc Scott;
  • 7 Adam Sargent
  • Hot Hatch/BMW Mini (3 Laps)
  • 1 Michael Duke (Peugeot 106)
  • 2 Russell Simpson (Citroen C2)
  • 3 Mike Jones (Citroen Saxo)
  • 4 Kris Hudson (BMW MINI)
  • 5 Keifer Hudson (BMW MNI)
  • Swift Sport Championship (all 1.6 Suzuki Swift)
  • 1 Dave Bellerby
  • 2 Chris Mullen;
  • 3 Tony Lynch
  • 4 Johnathan Bean
  • 5 Graham Rodemark
  • 6 Tristan Ovenden
  • 7 Dave Weston
  • 8 Adam Clark
  • Junior Rallycross (all 1.3 Suzuki Swift) (5 laps)
  • 1 Adain Hills
  • 2 Mattew Thomas
  • 3 Paige Bellerby
  • 4 Ryan Weston


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