Swedish championship, Piteå

by Eddi Laumanns |

Tiger, Westman and Johansson claimed the victories at the Piteå Motorstadion.

Round 4 of the Swedish Rallycross Championship was held on Wednesday July 13 at the Motorstadion of Piteå in the north of Sweden, only four days after the third round at Kalix. Reigning SN champion Fredrik Tiger is back on the road to success, after two poor results in the first two rounds of the series and a second place last Saturday the BMW driver claimed his first 2011 victory at Piteå. While in the combined National2400 & TouringCar category Linus Westman drove a Volvo 240 to his second consecutive victory in only a couple of days time it was Tommy Johansson who bagged the win among the Junior class competitors as well as placing himself back on top of the point standings.


  • SuperNational – Final Results:
  • 1. Fredrik Tiger (S) BMW E36 Coupé
  • 2. Thomas Öhman (S) BMW E30
  • 3. Patrik Ydrefalk (S) Toyota Corolla
  • 4. Kristoffer Andersson (S) BMW E30
  • 5. Oskar Sundell (S) BMW E30
  • 6. Urban Bergström (S) Volvo V40
  • National2400 & TouringCar – Final Results:
  • 1. Linus Westman (S) Volvo 240
  • 2. Johan Dahl (S) BMW E30
  • 3. Daniel Gillberg (S) BMW E30
  • 4. Per Berglund (S) Volvo S40
  • 5. Fredrik Larsson (S) Hyundai Accent
  • 6. Magnus Johansson (S) BMW E30
  • JuniorClass – Final Results:
  • 1. Tommy Johansson (S) BMW E36
  • 2. Oskar Andersson (S) BMW E36
  • 3. Martin Jonsson (S) Opel Kadett E
  • 4. Rasmus Olsson (S) Peugeot 306
  • 5. Pontus Jakobsson (S) Peugeot 205
  • 6. Rickard Gustavsson (S) Volvo 240


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