America day in Portugal

by Hal Ridge |

First ever US victory in the ERC.

It was Tanner Foust’s day at Montalegre in Portugal, leading the A final from pole-to-flag. While he had a clean run, all hell broke out behind the American star. Liam Doran made a good start, much better than that of Andréas Eriksson and as the pair took the joker on the first lap the Brit came out in front. Timur Timerzyanov ran second for much of the race, and when he jokered on lap four a clash of wheels caused his team mate Doran suspension damage. As Doran dropped back, Eriksson was on a charge, forcing his way past Timerzyanov on the last tour.

“This is my first year anniversary in Rallycross,” said an elated Foust. “The Fiesta was so good this weekend, to finish first and second has been amazing!” His team mate Eriksson had to work hard for his second place. “I got a slow start and Liam got in front. He held me up for ages, I was worried about passing him because I thought he would push me off, so I had to wait and take him by surprise. My car is really damaged, I think the rear diff is about to go!”

Ulrik Linnemann lead from pole for the entire race, before conceding first place to Andreas Bakkerud when he took the joker on the last lap. Bakkerud had jokered on the first lap, and kept his head down turning in lap after lap. “I put myself under pressure today,” said the Norwegian. “I missed the joker in the second heat, that was my fault, and I’ve had to work really hard to make up for that!”  Johan Larsson made a good start and was running third for most of the race until he made a mistake on the last lap allowing Daniel Holten into third position. His first ERC podium and only one week after destroying his Citroën Saxo in Norway, this weekend driving a rent-a-car from French BOS Engineering, making his result even more impressive. Three of the youngest drivers in the championship filling the podium .

The TouringCar class was straight forward, Lars Øivind Enerberg lead from pole with Derek Tohill chasing. They would finish as they started. Koen Pauwels was delighted to finish third for his second event in a row, with Roman Častoral fourth, although the Czech driver deserved more, he jokered early and got held up.


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