British championship, Blyton

by Tim Whittington |

Procter puts Night Race rivals in the dark.

Introduced in 2010 and already a firm favourite with drivers and fans, the British Rallycross Championship’s Night Race event formed the second round of the this year’s eight-event series and was run at Blyton Park on Saturday (May 7). The winner last year in his Ford Focus, Kevin Procter brought his Puma to the event this year and was in the mix throughout, setting fastest time in the third heat and then going on to take a clear win in the dramatic A final.

Julian Godfrey put his Fiesta VI on pole with fastest times in each of the first two heats. The similar car of David Binks was alongside, with Procter completing the front row qualifiers. The event started in dry and dusty conditions on a bright and warm afternoon, but by the time the A finalists lined up for the last race of the day at just after 11pm, it was raining, and tyre choice for the final was mixed: Godfrey making a late change to radial wets while Binks stuck with ERC-pattern treaded ‘slicks’ while Procter had his Puma on Avon rain tyres.

It was Procter who made the best start and took the lead. There was never much doubt about the winner from then on, Procter streaking away from Binks while Godfrey and Hill disputed third. The latter duel ended with both going out of the race, Godfrey limping to the end of the second lap with suspension damage to his Fiesta.

Pat Doran had endured a difficult run – including a turbo failure – in the heats but made good progress in the final and, entering the last lap, was pressing Binks when he hit a marker in the gravel chicane and knocked the right front corner off his Focus. With debris all over the track, the race was red flagged and the result given at the end of the penultimate lap. Procter took the win from Binks and Doran with Steve Mundy fourth and Colin Anson a solid fifth in his new Ford Ka.

James Bird held off the challenge of Mike Howlin to win the Supernational category in which Ash Simpson and Michael Boak were both forced to slow and drop to the tail of the field after a second lap incident. Patrick Ryan and B final winner Andy Knowles gaining as a result.

Tommy Keet won a thrilling RX150 A final while Darren Scott bagged his first Suzuki Swift victory and Aidan Hills turned the tables on round one winner Oli Mellors to win in Junior Rallycross.


MSA British Championship (stopped in the last lap, result at completion of three laps)

  • 1 Kevin Procter (Ford Puma) 2m01.335;
  • 2 David Binks (Ford Fiesta VI) 2m04.053;
  • 3 Pat Doran (Ford Focus) 2m04.553s;
  • 4 Steve Mundy (Ford Focus) 2m09.935s;
  • 5 Colin Anson (Ford Ka) 2m24.935s;
  • 6 Julian Godfrey (Ford Fiesta VI) two laps;
  • 7 Steve Hill (Mitsubishi Lancer E10) one lap.
  • Supernational
  • 1 James Bird (Renault ClioSport V6) 2m46.960s;
  • 2 Mike Howlin (Ford Fiesta VI rwd) 2m47.488s;
  • 3 Patrick Ryan (Vauxhall Nova) 3m00.312s;
  • 4 Andy Knowles (Citroën C2 S1600)3m01.457s;
  • 5 Stuart Emery (Peugeot 206 turbo)3m01.496s;
  • 6 Neil Wade (BMW Mini) 3m02.172s;
  • 7 Ash Simpson (Lotus Exige) 3m13.861s;
  • 8 Michael Boak (Audi TT TDi) 3m19.961s.
  • RX150 (all 1.0 RX150)
  • 1 Tommy Keet 2m46.485s;
  • 2 Leo Forster 2m47.626s;
  • 3 Brett Harris 2m50.872s;
  • 4 Steve Harris 2m55.609s;
  • 5 Marc Scott 2m56.859s;
  • 6 Jake Harris 2m57.810s;
  • 7 Joe Shrimpton 2m57.811s;
  • 8 Don McLeod 3m06.143s.
  • Swift Sport (all 1.6 Suzuki Swift)
  • 1 Darren Scott 2m53.621s;
  • 2 Adam Clark 2m54.135s;
  • 3 Dave Bellerby 2m56.077s;
  • 4 Graham Rodemark 2m59.565s;
  • 5 Tony Lynch 3m01.204s;
  • 6 Chris Mullen 3m01.645s;
  • 7 Liam Doran 3m13.664s;
  • 8 Richard Norman three laps.
  • Junior Rallycross (all 1.3 Suzuki Swift)
  • 1 Aidan Hills 3m08.933s;
  • 2 Oli Mellors 3m09.589s;
  • 3 Ryan Weston 3m20.550s;
  • 4 Paige Bellerby 3m26.192s.
  • Hot Hatch
  • 1 Michael Duke (Peugeot 106 GTi) 2m55.541s;
  • 2 Darren Wilcox (Citroën Saxo VTS) 2m58.806s;
  • 3 Sean Smith (Peugeot 106 GTi) 2m59.370s;
  • 4 Russ Simpson (Citroën C2 VTS) 2m59.715s;
  • 5 Mike Jones (Citroën Saxo VTS) 3m08.446s;
  • 6 Ben Swan (Citroën Saxo VTS) 3m15.590s;
  • 7 Darren Grimston (Citroën Saxo VTS) 3m26.036s.
  • 8 Ray Baxter (Citroën C2 VTS) DNS
  • BMW MINI (all Mini Cooper)
  • 1 Kris Hudson 3m05.985s;
  • 2 George Edwardes 3m06.641s;
  • 3 Keifer Hudson 3m07.579s.
  • no other starters.


BTRDA/MDA Clubmans Championship

  • SuperModified
  • 1 Ian Biagi (Mini) 2m59.566;
  • 2 Gary Cook (MG ZR) 3m01.925s;
  • 3 Gary Simpson (BMW E30) 3m05.109s;
  • 4 Kenny Hall (Renault Clio II) 3m06.849s;
  • 5 John Mooney (Vauxhall Astra G GSI) 3m07.682;
  • 6 John Wood (Toyota MR2 W20) 3m08.202s;
  • 7 Brian Jukes (Seat Ibiza II) 3m20.796s;
  • 8 Malcolm Boyd (BMW E30) 3m24.844s.
  • Stock Hatch
  • 1 Martin Peters (Citrouen Saxo VTR) 2m59.099s;
  • 2 Ben Cree (Peugeot 205 GTi) 2m59.478s;
  • 3 Steve Heppenstall (Peugeot 205 GTi) 2m59.910s;
  • 4 Slawomir Woloch (Peugeot 205 GTi) 3m04.687s;
  • 5 Chris Harper (Peugeot 205 GTi) 3m22.843s;
  • 6 David Ellis (Citroën Saxo VTS) 4m20.706s;
  • 7 Tomasz Wielgosz (Peugeot 106 XSi) one lap.
  • 8 Craig Lomax (Citroën Saxo VTR) one lap.
  • Minicross (all 1.3 Mini)
  • 1 Tom Edwardes 3m07.599s;
  • 2 Mark Griffin 3m11.784s;
  • 3 Richard Wakeling 3m12.385s;
  • 4 Ian Clark 3m17.144s;
  • 5 David Bell 3m34.374s.
  • No other starters.


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