Timmy Hansen going well in France

by Eddi Laumanns |

Hansen Jr. surprisingly fastest in timed practice at Dreux.

Timmy Hansen, the son of 14-times European Rallycross Champion Kenneth Hansen and 1994 ERA Cup 1400 winner Susann Bergvall [now Hansen] set a remarkable fastest time in the timed practice of the French Rallycross Championship opener at Dreux, together with Frenchman Jérôme Grosset-Janin. “It was really great fun, because this is my first ever race in a Rallycross Supercar. I came here as a complete greenhorn but had a chance to try out what Rallycross in a driver’s seat is all about,” said Hansen. The 18-year-old grew up on Rallycross tracks all over Europe, travelling with his father.But to be with a team and stand by is one thing, putting theory into practice is something else. I had actually no idea what to expect and came to Dreux as a beginner. I have set ​​good lap times, but the real racing in the qualifying heats with several other drivers around me is another story. We’ll see how it goes. It certainly will be another new experience for me,” was Timmy’s comment later.

  • Practice Times:
  • 1. Timmy Hansen
  • 1. Jérôme Grosset-Janin +0:00
  • 3. Gaëtan Serazin +0:22
  • 3. Philippe Tollemer +0:22
  • 5. Alexandre Theuil +0:45
  • 6. Fabien Pailler +0:56

It was something very unusual for Timmy Hansen (Citroën Xsara) when he stood at the starting grid for his first qualifying heat in Division 1. He made a good start, but lost out a bit on Serazin who led the pack into the first corner. “I’m happy with my first heat, “says Timmy. I made ​​no big mistakes and have crossed the finish line with a complete car and a good time,” said the young Swede who finished second in the race with Serazin. After a very good lap with playing his Joker Hansen was close to the lead, but just missed the Frenchman and his Peugeot 207.It’s been an awesome day, and I’ve learned a lot with having the best team behind me,” was the Citroën drivers recapitulation at the eve.

  • 1st Heat:
  • 1. Gaëtan Serazin
  • 2. Jérôme Grosset-Janin
  • 3. Philippe Tollemer
  • 4. Timmy Hansen
  • 5. Alexandre Theuil
  • 6. Hervé “Knapick”

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