White, blue and green

by Eddi Laumanns |

New starting number background system in 2011.

For those of our readers who don’t know this yet: From 2011 on in all three categories of the ERC the cars will carry starting numbers from 1 till 99. To produce no confusion among the spectators (and all other involved parties) it was decided by the FIA ORC to use three different starting number backgrounds now, white for all Supercars, blue for the Super1600 class and green for the TouringCars.

Article 4.8 of the current FIA rules for the ERC reads:

The competition numbers are allocated as follows:

Supercars with white background RAL9010 [according to RAL ‘pure white’]

Super1600 with light blue background RAL5012 [according to RAL ‘light blue’]

TouringCars with green background RAL6018 [according to RAL ‘yellow green’].

The drivers classified in the first 20 places in the previous year’s Championship will be allocated their competition numbers according to their classification.

Article 11.4 reads:

The figures of the competition numbers will be black on a background as defined in Art. 4.8. The background must be at least 50 cm wide and 38 cm high.

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